How to make most out of Salesforce with SMS

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Salesforce is a comprehensive software solution that provides you with a ... CONTINUE READING

[Infographic]: Why SMS is the Most Effective Tool for Closing Sales

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The average American adult checks their phone an astounding 110x a day.


We have two great updates for our API - Direct SMS for REST API and Java SDK

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Direct SMS for REST API


Overcoming Challenges To HR & Marketing Collaboration

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There’s a new workforce in town and it’s reshaping the way businesses ... CONTINUE READING

Effective Employee Communication for Human Resources

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Are your employees not reading company emails?  Are your employees not ... CONTINUE READING

Sonoma State University gets 40% of undergraduates to sign up for academic alerts

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Today, I will show you how Vanessa Bascherini, an ... CONTINUE READING

How Can SMS Benefit Your Human Resource Department? [Infographic]

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Communication is an integral part of an CONTINUE READING

21 University Text Messaging Ideas That Maximizes Higher Education

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Text messaging is revolutionizing ... CONTINUE READING

Stewarding Mobile Donors: 5 Top Tips

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Mobile is the present and future of CONTINUE READING

How the 87th Force Support Squadron increased attendance at on-base events

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Today I’m going to show you ... CONTINUE READING