Free to End User Short Code and Enhanced Opt Out Reporting!

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Free to End User Short Code

Looking for ... CONTINUE READING

We have two great updates for our API - Direct SMS for REST API and Java SDK

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Direct SMS for REST API


Trumpia Feature Update: New Subscription Management Tool

by Laurie Heng on

We’ve updated our software with a new subscription management tool.


Auto Campaign Updates

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We’ve added a couple of great new updates to our auto-campaigns ... CONTINUE READING

Multi-Factor Authentication 101: What it is, and Why You Need It

by Sophorn Chhay on

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A variety of providers need multi-factor authentication, abbreviated as “MFA,” to ensure the stability of in-house and ... CONTINUE READING

Trumpia Now Integrates With Salesforce

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We have a few updates for you today. Hurray!


Trumpia's Mobile Marketing Software Infograph

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Curious of what Trumpia can do for your marketing? This beautiful infograph shows off some of our best software features! Our Marketing Channels help businesses reach out ... CONTINUE READING

Set your marketing on auto-pilot with Trumpia's Auto Campaigns

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We’re very excited to introduce our brand new feature! We call it Auto Campaigns, and it may just be our most sophisticated one yet. Auto Campaigns basically lets you set our system on autopilot to perform marketing and messaging ... CONTINUE READING

Test & Measure your Mobile Campaign Performance with SMS Click-Through

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Introducing SMS Click-Through Tracking! This new feature lets you embed a URL link into your text messages and track who clicked it, so you can analyze your campaign’s effectiveness. Here’s some ways you could benefit from SMS ... CONTINUE READING

Multi-Location Messaging and Marketing Just Got Better With Our Feature Upgrade

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We’re excited to announce that Trumpia is upgrading our system with a new and improved version of our Multi-Channel Messaging and Marketing Automation for Multi-Location Enterprises. Enjoy the added sophistication and ... CONTINUE READING