Business Texting with Sales Prospects Converts at a 40% Higher Rate

by Sophorn Chhay on

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If you have not implemented an automated texting ... CONTINUE READING

2 Way Text Messaging With Customer Service

by Laurie Heng on

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‘Customer service’ sometimes takes a bad rap.


SMS Knowledge Is Power

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What to do on Small Business Saturday

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What the iPhone 5 Could Mean to Marketing

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Show and Tell

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Communication is an underrated skill - even in the business world. Businesses and even marketers ... CONTINUE READING

Back-to-School Made Easy With Multi-Channel Messaging

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For many children, parents, teachers, and faculty, the transition from long, lazy summer days ... CONTINUE READING

Let in the Sunshine!

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Here come the dog days of summer. No more holidays, no other big national events to celebrate. ... CONTINUE READING

BMW Integrates Audible Text Messaging

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The saying goes that hindsight is 20/20 so that we realize truths only after the fact. This time ... CONTINUE READING

Understand Your Customers Better with Two-Way Texting

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Ring! Yawn. We wake up in the morning to the smell of automatically brewed coffee and swipe on our smartphones to check the weather, news, Facebook feed, and email. And that’s just the beginning of ... CONTINUE READING