6 Important Reasons You Should Be Using Mobile App Marketing

by Sophorn Chhay on

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How much time do you spend each day using apps on your mobile device? According to CONTINUE READING

If Your Marketing Plans Don’t Include Mobile, Your Plans Are Not Finished

by Trumpia on

Does it sometimes seem like, the more connected we are, the harder it is to keep in touch? You send emails to your customers regularly, but, you find that you don't get quite the response rate that ... CONTINUE READING

Mobile App for Beauty Service Industry

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Mobile App for Dry Cleaners

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Brick and mortar establishments have an advantage over the rapidly growing number of e-commerce stores today: face-to-face interactions. Armed with this valuable aspect, businesses can expand their marketing strategies to also ... CONTINUE READING

Mobile APP Loyal Rewards for Coffee Shops

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Mobile Apps let Coffee Shops Espress-o Themselves

More than other types of businesses, coffee shops thrive on return customers since their offerings bring in less revenue per item. ... CONTINUE READING

Mobile App vs. Yelp vs. Groupon

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Yelp and Groupon are two of the most common names in restaurant advertising. Groupon’s deals and Yelp’s reviews have proven to have positive impact on restaurants, but to a ... CONTINUE READING

3 Ways a Restaurant Mobile App Benefits your Customers

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Mobile apps for restaurants  are everywhere nowadays. There’s a reason for that - people are connected all the time. Timing is of the essence, especially for hungry people on the prowl. ... CONTINUE READING