Fun For Everyone: Group Text Messaging With Trumpia

by Nicholas You on

Large events can be difficult to consolidate, and big group communication can be tough to ensure without including intrusive, time consuming features. Fortunately, ... CONTINUE READING

Hike Your Mobile-Marketing Play!

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Five Quick Facts about Social Media and Online Marketing

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Ready for Marketing Automation? It All Starts with Smart Filters

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We are thrilled to announce the direction Trumpia is heading towards: Marketing Automation! For our first Marketing Automation feature, we introduce Smart Filters. Smart Filters make it possible to automatically sort your ... CONTINUE READING

Valentine’s Day Tips & Tricks

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Starbucks Picked as Best in Mobile Marketing

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Start the New Year Right

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2013: The Year of Success

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21 More Days ‘Til Christmas!

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What Should I Buy Today?

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It’s 2012 - five years after the CONTINUE READING