Is Text Marketing (Including MMS Marketing) Right for Your Restaurant?

by Nicholas You on

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MMS marketing  has the ability to generate buzz about your restaurant, reaching a targeted audience anywhere, ... CONTINUE READING

Boost Restaurant Sales and Improve Your Customer Base with a Solid Text Messaging Program in Place

by Juebong Khwarg on

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When you have a restaurant to run, it's important to take some time to think about your marketing strategies. While ... CONTINUE READING

How Different Industries can Use Text Reminders

by Juebong Khwarg on

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Forget about tying that ol’ string around your finger: today’s memory aids have gone ... CONTINUE READING

5 Times a Restaurant Would Want to Send a Text Message

by Sophorn Chhay on

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Most restaurants have the same general goals when it comes to marketing – establish a positive brand image, ... CONTINUE READING