5 Sales Situations Where Texting is the Answer

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Texting sometimes can be thought of as an informal method of ... CONTINUE READING

3 Reasons Why Texting will Close More Sales for You

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You’re busy. Your co-workers are busy. Your clients are ... CONTINUE READING

Add Texting to Salesforce Automation to Convert More

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When you want to connect with sales leads, texting is your answer. The ... CONTINUE READING

How to make most out of Salesforce with SMS

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Salesforce is a comprehensive software solution that provides you with a ... CONTINUE READING

[Infographic]: Why SMS is the Most Effective Tool for Closing Sales

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The average American adult checks their phone an astounding 110x a day.


Boost Restaurant Sales and Improve Your Customer Base with a Solid Text Messaging Program in Place

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When you have a restaurant to run, it's important to take some time to think about your marketing strategies. While ... CONTINUE READING

Business Texting with Sales Prospects Converts at a 40% Higher Rate

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If you have not implemented an automated texting ... CONTINUE READING