Have collection problems? A texting program may be the solution you need.

by Juebong Khwarg on

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Collections are one of the necessary evils of the ... CONTINUE READING

Time Is Money: Real-Time Ways to Send Financial Mobile Text Alerts

by Sophorn Chhay on

As a financial company, you know that up-to-date information is your industry’s lifeblood. If you want to keep growing your business and effectively serving your audience, you need to figure out how ... CONTINUE READING

How to Use SMS Alerts in the Financial Industries

by Sophorn Chhay on

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Mobile technology has transformed consumer expectations and drastically changed the way that customers ... CONTINUE READING

SMS Marketing For Banks & Financial Services

by Sophorn Chhay on

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User experience (UX) has become the most important factor in marketing for industries across the board. ... CONTINUE READING