Why SMS Mobile Marketing Is So Effective

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Have you ever wondered why SMS mobile marketing so darn ... CONTINUE READING

If Your Marketing Plans Don’t Include Mobile, Your Plans Are Not Finished

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Does it sometimes seem like, the more connected we are, the harder it is to keep in touch? You send emails to your customers regularly, but, you find that you don't get quite the response rate that ... CONTINUE READING

The Politics of SMS

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Text messaging appeals to businesses and organizations as a powerful way to market to their audiences, as it is considered by many to be “CONTINUE READING

Fall is Almost Here! Now’s the Time to Prep for the Holiday Season

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The first day of fall is just a few days away, and before you know it the holiday season will be upon us. Time ... CONTINUE READING

Show and Tell

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Communication is an underrated skill - even in the business world. Businesses and even marketers ... CONTINUE READING

Back-to-School Made Easy With Multi-Channel Messaging

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For many children, parents, teachers, and faculty, the transition from long, lazy summer days ... CONTINUE READING

Follow the Money

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Exclusive Webinar: Introducing the NEW Trumpia

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Trumpia is delighted to announce the release of our completely revamped user interface (UI) along with some exciting new features! With sleeker designs, improved functionality, and powerful new marketing features, this release is ... CONTINUE READING

BMW Integrates Audible Text Messaging

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The saying goes that hindsight is 20/20 so that we realize truths only after the fact. This time ... CONTINUE READING

Launch a Visual Fireworks Show with MMS and eCards

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To inaugurate the start of the summer season, Americans in the U.S. are celebrating the Fourth of July with BBQs and beach parties. Holidays are perfect occasions for businesses and organizations to ... CONTINUE READING