5 SMS Text Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Mobile technology is quickly overtaking desktop and laptop computers; you only have to walk through your local ... CONTINUE READING

The Politics of SMS

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Text messaging appeals to businesses and organizations as a powerful way to market to their audiences, as it is considered by many to be “CONTINUE READING

Show and Tell

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Communication is an underrated skill - even in the business world. Businesses and even marketers ... CONTINUE READING

Let in the Sunshine!

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Here come the dog days of summer. No more holidays, no other big national events to celebrate. ... CONTINUE READING

Launch a Visual Fireworks Show with MMS and eCards

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To inaugurate the start of the summer season, Americans in the U.S. are celebrating the Fourth of July with BBQs and beach parties. Holidays are perfect occasions for businesses and organizations to ... CONTINUE READING

Understand Your Customers Better with Two-Way Texting

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Ring! Yawn. We wake up in the morning to the smell of automatically brewed coffee and swipe on our smartphones to check the weather, news, Facebook feed, and email. And that’s just the beginning of ... CONTINUE READING

Create a Targeted Audience with Keyword Capture

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Text message marketing can be such a simple thing - a person sends a text message with a particular mobile keyword and gets an automated response back. During this exchange, the person gets useful information, a mobile coupon, or ... CONTINUE READING

Small Businesses See Future in Mobile Marketing

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For ages, the goal of computing had been more powerful processors, bigger displays, better ... CONTINUE READING

Automobile Texting Technology: New Avenue for Marketers?

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Advanced automobile technology is not only revolutionizing the way we drive. It’s changing our day-to-day experiences and the way we live our lives. Some of the latest automobile technologies ... CONTINUE READING

Mobile Marketing and How You Can Use It to Succeed on Small Business Saturday

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