Fraud is real-time. Is your alert system fast enough? With Text messaging, it could be.

by Sophorn Chhay on

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When you run a business, you need to be able to warn your customer base when fraud ... CONTINUE READING

Why Text Alert Systems Are Vital for Outages, Weather and More

by Laurie Heng on

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When a weather event or other emergency happens, text alert ... CONTINUE READING

Usage on the rise as over 80% use texting for business

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Once upon a time texting revolutionized the way we talk to our friends and family, and now the communication ... CONTINUE READING

38 percent prefer to receive text message alerts for order updates

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Customer service is changing. Currying the favor of consumers is always going to be a top priority for businesses; we ... CONTINUE READING

How an SMS Notification Can Boost Your E-Commerce Customer Service

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SMS notifications
can be a valuable asset to your ... CONTINUE READING

How An Automated Texting Software Can Streamline Business Communication

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Automated texting software can streamline business communication, making it ... CONTINUE READING

25 Amazing Stats That Should Convince Your Business to Adopt Text Messaging

by Juebong Khwarg on

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Text Notification to Power Anti-fraud Alert Service

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Text message alerts via Short Message Service can reduce debit and credit card fraud. Unfortunately, ... CONTINUE READING

8 ways schools can benefit from mass texting

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Many current discussions about mass texting have ... CONTINUE READING

Mobile Alerts create better service for mobile banking customers

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Banks have increased their marketing efforts to include the integration of technology to attract a more diverse ... CONTINUE READING