How To Get Started With Text Message Marketing

by Sophorn Chhay on

Text message marketing is still fairly unfamiliar to a large number of companies, who might be more familiar with either legacy marketing strategies (e.g. television and newspapers) or some of the ... CONTINUE READING

Back-to-School Made Easy With Multi-Channel Messaging

by Trumpia on

For many children, parents, teachers, and faculty, the transition from long, lazy summer days ... CONTINUE READING

10 Ways to Maximize SMS Campaign Success

by Trumpia on

We’ve gathered up the top 10 pointers on how to launch a successful mobile-text campaign. Trumpia has seen quite a few SMS campaigns in our day, and we want you to share in that success too!


Launch a Visual Fireworks Show with MMS and eCards

by Trumpia on

To inaugurate the start of the summer season, Americans in the U.S. are celebrating the Fourth of July with BBQs and beach parties. Holidays are perfect occasions for businesses and organizations to ... CONTINUE READING

Small Businesses See Future in Mobile Marketing

by Trumpia on

For ages, the goal of computing had been more powerful processors, bigger displays, better ... CONTINUE READING

Automobile Texting Technology: New Avenue for Marketers?

by Trumpia on

Advanced automobile technology is not only revolutionizing the way we drive. It’s changing our day-to-day experiences and the way we live our lives. Some of the latest automobile technologies ... CONTINUE READING

Mobile Phones Lead the Marketing Race

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With smart phones and tablet PCs growing in popularity, today’s digital lifestyle is becoming ... CONTINUE READING

Mobile Demand Worldwide Emphasizes SMS Marketing's Value

by Trumpia on

With growing demand for Android phones and the iPhone worldwide, marketers who haven’t yet ... CONTINUE READING

SMS Marketing at the Last Minute Can Be a Boon for Business

by Trumpia on

Now that 2011’s holiday retail sales figures are in, it’s clear that last minute shoppers, ... CONTINUE READING

Text Message Marketing Dominates the Mobile Space

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How often do you text a day? I’ve sent more than 14,000 text messages within the past year! ... CONTINUE READING