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SMS Beats Email & Social (Infographic)

Posted by Sophorn Chhay on Jul 06, 2015
Two phones being used.jpgCopyright: jirapatche / 123RF Stock Photo

SMS is a great tool for reaching customers instantly. We've compiled some jaw dropping stats comparing SMS marketing to email & social marketing and the findings will amaze you.

We took a look at audience reach, channel engagement, and the frequency of coupon redemption rate when promoted through each channel.

Take a look at the infographic below to see how SMS marketing stacks up to other forms of digital marketing.




26% of North American shoppers are already using mobile coupons (Nielsen)

Facebook posts get delivered 2% of the time (Forrester)

More Than 70% of Email Is Spam (Mashable)

Average person checks their mobile phone about 150 times per day (Oracle)

The open rate of text promotions/offers is a whopping 98% (Venture Beat)

Compare that to the 22% open rate of emails. (Venture Beat)

15% of coupon usage was found on Facebook (Inmar)

Redemption rates for email coupons delivered through desktop channels is around 2.7% (Point Of Sale)

For information on how your can diversity your marketing strategy to include SMS marketing, download our complimentary Mobile Marketing Success Kit.


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