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How SMS Can Benefit Your Restaurant in 2018 (Infographic)

Posted by Derek Klotzer on Jan 04, 2018

The restaurant business has been forever changed by Yelp, and the next big shift in the industry is SMS messaging! Texting is the only universal communication tool of millennials, and sending them targeted ads and offers is the best way to get them to your restaurants.


Here’s why:

2017 Restaurant SMS Infographic


With how much Americans love food, it’s no surprise that the annual sales in the restaurant industry for 2016 are well over 783 billion dollars. More and more restaurants are flocking to text messaging to connect with their customers because every month over 560 billion texts are sent worldwide, and the number of monthly texts has grown by over 7,700% in the last decade alone. But why is texting so effective? Because it has an open rate of 98%!


With text messages being the leading channel to connect with customers, it’s no wonder that restaurants have turned to SMS as a valuable marketing tool. In fact, 13 out of the 20 most successful fast food chains in the US have used SMS to send promotions to their customers. One incredible example of this is Carl’s Jr. made $14 for every $1 they spent on an SMS campaign! Talk about ROI!

Interested in learning more about how you can use SMS to build your restaurant’s customer base? Fill out the form below to download our Restaurant Brochure for free!

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