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Guide to Sending MMS in Text Messages

Posted by Jason Park on Jan 21, 2022

Sending an MMS message is one of the easiest ways you can make your campaigns more exciting. 

Sending a picture, video, or even a GIF is one creative and dynamic way of making your SMS texts more fun and exciting. And when many people choose to send MMS messages rather than just SMS messages, it makes your conversation more engaging. 


But why are communication mediums such as videos more engaging than text messages in some situations? We at Trumpia believe that videos accomplish a lot of different things when it comes to captivating subscribers:


  • Videos create credibility and brand awareness: consumers are able to visibly and tangible see the values and culture of your company rather than just reading it being described.


  • Videos increase overall web traffic: people are more likely to click on a video and other media content because of how easy it is to just listen or to watch. 


  • Videos are easy to share: think about the last time you watched a video because your friend or family member shared it to you through text. It is so easy to get your content out there because of how advanced texting has become.


When choosing to use SMS Texting in order to send videos, we highly recommend considering specific use cases and scenarios that deem it appropriate. Like all things, moderation is best, and sometimes sending a lot of videos can also cause consumers to not want to engage with all of your content. Sending MMS in strategic times can make the campaign feel more special. Also, consider the fact that you are most like a business, corporation, or any kind of company where professionalism is very important. You want to use videos and other media content for your advantage, rather than just casual use cases.


Try using videos in order to send guides, instructional videos, reviews, or even in order to showcase products and services. Finally, one of the best and most creative ways you can use MMS is to capture your company’s brand and vision - send content that shows what your company is all about. This is very important for building trust and an overall relationship with your subscribers. People want authentic content and companies - and you can show that you care by communicating that with them. 


How to Send Videos through Text?

Luckily for you, Trumpia makes sending MMS content very easy and user-friendly. There are two ways that you can primarily send an MMS, just like you would on your cellular device. You can either:


  • Attach a file directly to the message itself, which you are able to navigate easily on our brand new UI.


  • Or, attach a link to it that will lead your subscriber to a separate website where they can access the media content. 


Of the two, we highly recommend sending the MMS content as a link for a variety of reasons. While attaching a file is not a bad choice, creating a link and integrating our software with programs like Google Drive may be to your benefit. Google Drive is able to store a lot of media content without compressing the video, lowering the quality, and cutting out parts of it. You can rest assured that your content will be the highest quality possible by sending it as a link. All you have to do is upload that file to your Drive first, and send that link through Trumpia. 


Start sending MMS content today in order to make your SMS texting campaigns more dynamic and fun! Read all of our blogs in order to spark different ways you can use our software!

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