4 Easter Eggs of the Trumpia Texting Platform

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Trumpia has been an industry leader in text messaging for close to a decade. Over the years we have carefully collected some SMS Easter eggs that will take your communications with employees and customers to a whole new level.

In honor of Easter, we decided to share four of our favorite eggs!

Know Eggs-actly Where Your Data is

One of the things that new customers hop up and down for is our data set feature. Data sets allow you to set up partitions between departments, while sub accounts let you create multiple accounts for your team within those partitions.

For example, your HR department could be given access to only message your employees so they can gauge interest on a company wide family-friendly Easter egg hunt. Meanwhile, your marketing department can only send out messages to customers about an upcoming Easter sale. This way, the central account can better monitor which department uses your resources.

Data sets are truly a powerful tool for your master account to monitor and control your departments, all from one egg-straordinary menu.


Automation Can Carry Your Basket For You

Customers do backflips when they discover Trumpia’s industry leading automation tools, and for good reason. Our automation can save your employees both time and energy in their messaging tasks by having our systems do the work for you. We offer three powerful automation tools:

  • Smart Targeting - Automatically make every message you send relevant to each recipient based on individual interests, behavior, and characteristics. Why not message everyone who loves chocolate eggs a special offer!
  • Dynamic Targets - Apply smart targeting to your database to automatically update your lists when new information is added or when contact data changes, so you don’t have to do so manually. This means you have more time to hide your eggs!
  • Auto-Campaigns - This advanced tool automatically carries out an action when a trigger that you have set is activated. This allows you to create a branching campaign that can help you collect information and automatically follow up with employees or customers. This can free you up for the important things in life, like hunting eggs with the kids!

Our Account Management is Eggstra-special!

One of our greatest assets is our dedicated account management! We have been doing this for over 10 years, meaning we know how best to find even the most hidden of Easter eggs. Our onboarding resources allow you to quickly get to know our system, and we have a rich variety of training sessions and instructional videos to walk you through the basics.

We provide 365 day support and an average response time of 5.6 minutes during business hours, meaning that if you ever get lost in our platform we will be there to help you out of the maze.

Trumpia also provides you with information  as to how to stay compliant with TCPA and CTIA regulations so that you can be worry-free on your next spring outing.

Once you are up and running on our system, we have Strategic Business Consultants and Client Success managers that are there to make sure that you get the most out of our platform. Whether it’s advice on how to automate our services or technical support to setup your campaigns, we will make sure your business keeps hopping along!

We Will Never Leave You Egg-sposed

Unlike Easter eggs, the only thing people rarely have to search for is their mobile phone. That's why whether it’s announcing a new egg find or letting your employees know they have a half day for Good Friday, mass text messages are the fastest way to make sure a message is heard. Text messages grab your attention, take less time to open and read, and have the highest response rates of any communication channel.

In addition, our quick Yes/No Response feature is invaluable during critical situations as it allows you to automatically see how your staff is doing and follow up accordingly.


These powerful Easter eggs are just a few of the reasons why we are the leading mobile solution provider. So the next time you see the Easter bunny, use our system to let everyone know which way he went!

If you want to learn more about the Trumpia Platform and what it can offer, hop on over this way!

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