Sports Teams Use Text Message Marketing to Engage Fans

by Justin McIntire on


The NBA and NHL playoffs just started, the baseball season is a month fresh, the NFL draft is approaching, and Final Four NCAA just ended… that’s a ... CONTINUE READING

SMS Marketing Helped Political Campaigns Like Obama’s

by Justin McIntire on


No matter where you are in America, it always feels like election season. Whether it’s for a small office in a municipality or a nationwide campaign, ... CONTINUE READING

Use Texting for Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Cash Transactions

by Justin McIntire on

Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, has changed the financial world, but it’s high barrier of entry has confused many ... CONTINUE READING

Tax Season 2018: Simplify The Process With Text Messaging

by Justin McIntire on

Why do we pay taxes? Do I need to file this year? Why are taxes so complicated? What is a deduction and what counts as one? Can i file my taxes at any time? When are ... CONTINUE READING

Implementing SMS Into Your ATS and Recruiting Process

by Justin McIntire on

Text messages
have revolutionized how we communicate, quickly ... CONTINUE READING

Trumpia’s SMS Automation Just Got Even Better!

by Justin McIntire on

Trumpia is a continuously innovating company, always striving to provide our users with the most technologically advanced software possible. In this vein, we are ... CONTINUE READING

5 Best Practices for Recruiting When Sending Mobile SMS

by Justin McIntire on

A company is only as strong as its employees. This makes effective recruiting a vital process for hiring managers, recruiters, and other HR department staff. There are ... CONTINUE READING

How Mass Text Helps Real Estate Agents Promote Their Listings

by Juebong Khwarg on

Good real estate agents work hard to connect individual property seekers with their dream home, and luckily there are usually plenty of matches to be made. However, ... CONTINUE READING

4 Reasons Why Financial Services Are Using Texting

by Justin McIntire on

The largest banks and financial institutions have been using text ... CONTINUE READING

Improve Your Franchise's Communication With SMS Marketing

by Justin McIntire on

Franchises all know one thing: keeping every part moving together is hard work. That’s why more and more franchises are flocking to use CONTINUE READING

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