5 Best Practices for Recruiting When Sending Mobile SMS

by Justin McIntire on

A company is only as strong as its employees. This makes effective recruiting a vital process for hiring managers, recruiters, and other HR department staff. There are ... CONTINUE READING

How Mass Text Helps Real Estate Agents Promote Their Listings

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4 Reasons Why Financial Services Are Using Texting

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Improve Your Franchise's Communication With SMS Marketing

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Trumpia Connect: See how Texting & Salesforce Increase Sales

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Maximizing sales is an essential, but tricky endeavor for sales teams to accomplish.

Conventional methods of ... CONTINUE READING

Why SMS Is The Go-To Tool For Boosting Sales

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In the competitive environment of sales, a new strategy that can reach more customers immediately and from any location is text messaging. CONTINUE READING

7 Ways SMS Improves The Hotel Guest Experience (Infographic)

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The new year marks the beginning of exciting adventures to come for many travelers. Make your hotel the go-to travel destination for all their hospitality needs in ... CONTINUE READING

How SMS Can Benefit Your Restaurant in 2018 (Infographic)

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Definitive Guide to Using Text Messages in HR Communication

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Any well-functioning human resource department will tell you that communication is the backbone of their organization. From recruiting and training new employees to ... CONTINUE READING

Trumpia Mobile Minute: SMS vs. MMS

by Sarah Mendoza on

Hey everyone! Sarah Mendoza here. On today’s Trumpia Mobile Minute, I’m going to talk to you guys about the difference between SMS and MMS Messages. Let’s get ... CONTINUE READING

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