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Stats & Facts On Why Your HR Department Needs Texting

Oct 18, 2018 | Human Resources
  Communicating with employees throughout the year can be a tall task for HR departments. Whether it’s for recruiting ...

The Perfect Alternative to Tropo: Trumpia!

Oct 12, 2018 | API
  With Tropo’s API winding down operations starting this month, a lot of customers are anxious about finding another ...

5 Ways Text Automation is Open Enrollment’s Best Benefit

Oct 04, 2018 | Human Resources
  It’s open enrollment season again, which means your HR department is undoubtedly busy! The most important thing for a ...

How Text Alerts Can Help With Disasters Like Hurricane Florence

  An important piece of keeping family, friends, and the community safe during natural disasters is communication. The ...

Trumpia Goes Overboard with our Updated Onboarding

Sep 18, 2018 | Onboard Training
  Trumpia is a continuously innovating company, always striving to provide our users with the most technologically ...

Bulk Up Your Fitness Center’s Revenue with SMS Texting

Sep 12, 2018 | Fitness Center
  Gyms and Fitness Centers thrive on being able to reach both potential and current members. But when emails are only ...

Boost Your Business With Trumpia's SMS Marketing Videos

Aug 24, 2018 | Videos , SMS Marketing
Trumpia’s mobile marketing technology is an industry leader because of its conveniently integrated messaging software ...

6 Ways Texting Can Help Re-engage Real Estate Leads

Aug 21, 2018 | Real Estate
  Keeping real estate leads alive is a tough job – you have to stay in their minds and sending emails is the most ...

Maximize Back to School Season With Text Message Marketing

  With summer break ending, schools need to prepare their incoming students for back to school week. Email has long ...

How Mass Texting Can Help Coordinate Your Next Event

Aug 02, 2018 | event marketing
  When you need to coordinate an event or conference, one of your biggest stressors is making sure things run smoothly. ...

How To Have Text Conversations In Various Industries

Jul 27, 2018 | SMS Solutions
    Today we wanted to go over how various industries could use a text messaging platform in practical ways in order to ...

Why Automated Text Messaging is Perfect For Recruiting (Vlog)

Jul 17, 2018 | recruiting
Today we wanted to talk about how Trumpia’s automated text messaging platform can help recruiters more effectively use ...
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