Maximize Black Friday 2017 Sales with Text Messages

by Justin McIntire on


Best SMS Guide to Restaurant Marketing & Communication

by Doug Frazier on

Millions of restaurants around the world compete for the same customers, and only the restaurants with the most effective marketing will come out on top. Cooking ... CONTINUE READING

Trumpia Mobile Minute: Mobile Keywords Matter For Business

by Sarah Mendoza on

Hey everyone! Sarah Mendoza here. On today’s Trumpia Mobile Minute, I’m going to talk to you guys about CONTINUE READING

Improve Your Next Open Enrollment With a Bulk SMS Service

by Doug Frazier on

The key to having a successful open enrollment period all boils down to effective human resource communication. The traditional method of sharing open enrollment ... CONTINUE READING

Vlog 4: Difference Between SMS Short Code vs. Long Code

by Sarah Mendoza on

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah Mendoza back with another Trumpia Vlog! Today I’m going to be going over the difference between an SMS ... CONTINUE READING

SMS Short Codes vs. SMS Long Codes: What You Need to Know

by Doug Frazier on

Almost every industry today is turning to text messages for marketing or customer ... CONTINUE READING

Special Spectators Use SMS To Help Sick Kids Feel Like VIPS

by Doug Frazier on

This week’s blog is dedicated to recognizing a particular nonprofit organization doing some spectacular things for seriously ill children around the country!



How Texting Can Help With Hurricane Relief Efforts

by Doug Frazier on

When it comes to mitigating damages caused by hurricanes, communication is the most powerful tool. In 2017 alone, hurricanes have caused billions of dollars in ... CONTINUE READING

7 Tips to Make Group Texting an Effective Recruitment Channel

by Doug Frazier on

Any business expert will tell you that bringing in the best talent is essential to the success of your organization. However, with so many companies fighting to ... CONTINUE READING

VLOG 3: How SMS and Trumpia Can Help in Relief Efforts

by Sarah Mendoza on

Hey everyone, welcome to Trumpia Vlog #3! Today we want to talk about how Trumpia can be used to power your critical communications. For over a decade, companies have ... CONTINUE READING

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