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NEWS: Twilio Acquires Zipwhip, One of the U.S.' Leading Providers of Toll-Free Messaging

Nov 24, 2021
  Twilio acquiring Zipwhip, the software that powers our landline texting, has enormous implications for the marketing ...

Using QR Codes For Communication

Nov 24, 2021
  Learn how you can use QR codes for your SMS texting program today.

How to Send Recurring Text Messages

Nov 24, 2021
  Learn how to send recurring messages using our automation features and powerful technology.

Press Release: Trumpia Launches A Powerful New Automated Workflow Builder

Nov 24, 2021
Trumpia’s new release is a game-changer for automated SMS Workflows!

Why Automated Texting Is A Must Have - Trumpia

Nov 17, 2021
SMS Messages: Bring in more customers and retain loyal customers with automation and smart targeting. Learn more in ...

Trumpia's SMS Messaging Software is a Proven and Powerful Marketing Tool

Nov 17, 2021
These statistics about SMS messages will have you looking at SMS marketing in a new light. Read more in this blog!

4 Powerful Text Marketing Campaign Examples

Nov 17, 2021
  Here are four of the best ways you can design your campaign around Text Marketing.

How Staffing Agencies Can Use Trumpia Workbench

Nov 12, 2021
Learn how Trumpia Workbench can help staffing agencies find more applicants and fill more positions.

How to Utilize SMS Chat Boxes

Nov 10, 2021
  Looking for a quick and codeless way to start using SMS chatbots? Read this blog to learn more!

How Trumpia's SMS Marketing Software Works

Nov 10, 2021
Reach your audience where they're at with the help of Trumpia's SMS software! Get the details in this blog!

Trumpia's SMS Texting Guide for Companies in the Entertainment Industry

Nov 10, 2021
  Looking for a way to implement a SMS marketing strategy with your entertainment company? Look no further - read this ...

Everything You Need to Know About the New IPhone 13

Nov 09, 2021
Learn about all of the new features that the IPhone 13 has to offer!
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