Shared vs. Dedicated Short Codes 101

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Shared Versus Dedicated Short CodesCopyright: wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF Stock Photo
Text messaging software often operates on
short codes, which are 5- or 6-digit phone numbers that send and receive SMS and MMS via mobile phones. Short codes are easier to remember, have higher throughput speeds, and can communicate with a massive number of people at the same time.


Short codes come in two varieties, shared and dedicated. Which one is right for you? Here is a brief description of both, as well as a comparison to help you decide.


Shared Short Codes

The first type of SMS short code is called a shared short code, which means it’s used amongst many different users and randomly generated.


Shared short codes also limit what keywords a user can create. In other words, if you wanted to create the keyword “SALE”, but it is already being used by another user that is on the same shared short code, they would not be able to use that keyword. Another downside of being on a shared short code is that you are not allowed to run sweepstakes or text-to-win campaigns.


Dedicated Short Codes

The second type of SMS short code is called a dedicated short code, which can only be used by a single user. The digits of a dedicated short code is also specifically chosen by the user like a vanity license plate.



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