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Sending a SMS Coupon

Posted by Jason Park on Jan 12, 2022

Sending an SMS coupon or a mobile coupon is one of the easiest ways you can maximize revenue in this new year.

With the new year fast approaching, sending an SMS coupon is a very easy strategy to start using in order to boost sales and transactions between you and your customers. A deal is one of the most enticing things any shopper has access to, and it’s often the breaking point that pushes people to commit to a purchase. Why? Because if they are already looking at your product, chances are they are already interested in some shape or form. Therefore, all they need is a little extra incentive.

SMS coupons accomplish a variety of things for any marketing team. Not only does it lead to revenue, it increases brand visibility, customer loyalty, product exposure, and an overall increase in excitement. All of these are very important metrics and factors to consider when trying to improve your campaigns. 


In the SMS Marketing world, there are several types of coupons that you can send which all are viable ways of conducting a coupon promotion or sweepstake. You can:

  • Text a code that users just need to input at their checkout tab.
  • A QR code that you can scan when you are purchasing in person.
  • A simple image or text message that acts as a one-time voucher that you can use also in person.


Regardless of what type of coupon you choose to send, we highly recommend making the promotion very exciting and engaging. You can conduct contests or reward loyal customers who are already purchasing your products. Here is how you can send SMS coupons or start using an SMS coupon reward system:

  • Collect contacts by using our keyword feature or online sign-up pages.
  • Create new campaigns or distribution groups that help you organize your campaigns and coupons.
  • Choose the type of discount you want to send and the requirements for earning it.
  • Set up pre-scheduled messages or automate your messages to make your work easier for you. 


Sending mobile coupons is that easy when you decide to use Trumpia to power this operation. Learn about different integrations we also offer with our software that also helps you and your company maximize profit!

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