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4 Effective Ways Nonprofits Can Benefit From Text Messaging

Posted by Doug Frazier on Jun 13, 2017

Text Messaging Helps Nonprofits Benefit

In order to have a successful nonprofit organization, it is essential that you have a broad reach when communicating with your members. Whether you’re a political group, religious organization, or charity, using texting for your nonprofit communications can help you build and nurture your network. Nonprofits are able to alert members of important issues, engage them in real-time conversations, and communicate across the most widely used channel - SMS.


Here are 5 ways that nonprofits are benefiting from implementing text messaging into their organization:


 1.Maximize Your Donations

The amount of donations a nonprofit receives often translates to their ultimate success. Increasing donations is a crucial part of enabling nonprofits to function and allowing them to make a difference. By using texting for nonprofit fundraising, your organization will be able to send bulk text messages to quickly ask members for donations. Unfortunately, collecting donations in person can be difficult, as people are often too busy to stop while they’re on go.


By using texting for nonprofit fundraising, your organization will be able to send bulk text messages to quickly ask members for donations, including a link to an online donation page and information on how the donation will be used. Your target audience is ten times more likely to click a link that is sent to them in a text than through email, meaning it is the most effective way to solicit donations.


You can also save yourself some time by implementing an automated system to run certain function for you. This could be in all aspects of your fundraising campaigns. You can use it for simple things such as content information collection. Or, you could use it for more complicated tasks such as informing donors how their money was used and asking for another donation two months down the line.


 2. Keep Members Informed and Engaged

Members join nonprofit organizations because they want to be a part of something special, but leaving members out of the loop will hinder their drive to help the organization. Members also want to feel like they are an important part of the nonprofit’s success. That’s why interacting with members by texting them will help keep them informed and engaged in the success of the nonprofit.


By using text messaging for nonprofits, organizations are able to send weekly news announcements to keep members up to date. You can set up different keywords for members to text into and then send specific information or links depending on which keyword was texted.


With two-way text messaging, nonprofits can even send their members surveys and polls to receive feedback and further improve the organization.


 3. Send Targeted Messages to Streamline Communications

Often, members care more deeply about a narrower scope of issues than your entire organization may tackle. Setting up mobile keywords allows members to sort themselves into separate distribution lists based on what they’re interested in. This way, you can send only targeted text messages, rather than bombarding members with notices that they may find interesting.


For example, if you have a fundraiser about an environmental policy, message all members that have texted into the “Environment” keyword, and not those who texted the keyword for “Healthcare”. Members will appreciate the level of attention you’re paying them, and in turn not opt out in frustration.


 4. Text Members During Time-Sensitive Situations

Certain nonprofit organizations rely on providing their members with prompt delivery of critical alerts. With a read rate of 90% within three minutes, text messaging ensures that members are informed during any emergency.


Some nonprofit organizations provide an instant outlet for members who cope with time-sensitive issues such as anxiety, physical abuse, and stress. These help hotlines are able to help members keep down phone queues by providing automated responses and information via SMS.


It’s unmistakable that using text messaging can make a significant impact towards the success of any nonprofit organization. Click here to discover how Trumpia’s complete texting solution can help your nonprofit better serve your community.


If you have any questions on how your nonprofit can utilize SMS sign up for a free consultation.

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