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4 Ways to Keep the Union Strong with Texting (Vlog)

Posted by Justin McIntire on Oct 24, 2018


In today’s blog Sarah will about how Trumpia’s automated text messaging platform is the perfect union SMS solution to engage members more effectively, boost member satisfaction, and streamline their operations.

So let’s jump right into the four most common ways Trumpia can help your union.

Boost Union Member Engagement with SMS

Want more member engagement? Texts are responded to 60x quicker and 7.5x more often than email. But our unique Smart Targeting tool helps you go beyond indiscriminate mass texting, so you can send messages that are relevant to each member’s own interests. Text messaging is also perfect for boosting re-enrollment by keeping members up-to-date on your union’s accomplishments and what your next goals are.

Increase Union Event Attendance with Text Messaging

Text messaging is highly effective at increasing attendance at your union events, meetings, or even strikes. And with our automation, you can send automated reminders for events and union meetings across voice, email, text, and social media, all from one platform.

Bolster Union Member Satisfaction with Texting

Text-enable your existing landline phone number, so union members can ask questions without being put on hold or having emails buried in an inbox. This is perfect for gathering feedback from members as well as sending interactive text surveys in order to give your members a voice in your union’s direction. Plus it’s the best way to send updates for negotiations or upcoming votes.

Improve Internal Efficiency with SMS Texting

With Trumpia, you can save your staff time by automating time-consuming chores like having our Intelligent Text Bot automatically answer the most common questions from your members. With our productivity tools, your staff can handle multiple questions and issues at the same time without having to be stuck on the phone for an extended period of time.

These are just a few ways Trumpia can help your union. We also offer consulting services and have an amazing support team ready to help 365 days a year. Email Sales@Mytrum.com to talk to one of our experts or click here to schedule a demo today!


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