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7 Ways Texting Can Help You Avoid The Summer Sales Slump

Posted by Doug Frazier on Aug 08, 2017

Avoid Summer Sales Slump With Texting

Summer sales numbers are typically lower than other seasons due to customers being constantly on the go. Getting through the summer sales slump can be challenging, but that doesn’t have to be the case for your business. Text messages are a powerful way to reach customers on the go and increase qualified lead conversion by over 100%, making it the perfect solution for boosting summer sales.


Getting out of a summer sales slump can be as simple as sending out texts when you have a sale or communicating with leads wherever they are.  Here are 7 tips for boosting your sales during a slow summer with texting:


Generate Leads During Slow Summers

A lull in lead generation correlates to a decline in sales. Customers are too busy enjoying their summer to fill out lengthy contact information forms. That’s why businesses are turning to texting for their lead generation. By posting a keyword over social media or in brick-and-mortar shops, you can allow customers to quickly opt-in to receive text notifications while their contact information is simultaneously collected.


A complete SMS software enables contacts to be imported from an existing list to avoid letting go of any leads. You can message both your new and existing customers to cast a wider net during your summer SMS marketing campaigns. Being able to opt-out at any moment will make your customers not think twice when joining your distribution list, leading to a boost in summer foot traffic or lead communication.


Save Time in Lead Nurturing

No one wants to wait around all day for a sales call, especially customers enjoying their summer. Utilizing the quickness and mobility of texting, you can send messages to your on-the-go customers to keep them interested and eager to receive your next offer. 90% of leads prefer to be texted instead of called, which makes texting the best channel for lead conversion.


A great way of driving sales during slow periods is by sending mobile coupons. A mind blowing 54% of consumers want to receive  personalized offers through SMS because it’s fast and accessible at any time and place. And with 90% of texts being read within 3 minutes, your customer will see your offer instantly and possibly redeem it within hours.


A detrimental factor of following up with customers over the phone is you have to be physically present during the call. However, with mobile marketing automation, you can create drip campaigns to have responses automatically sent whenever a certain action is triggered. For example, if a customer texts a mobile keyword about new products, they will automatically receive a coupon or link to your upcoming products.


Convert More Summer Sales Through a Shortened Sales Cycle

When sending out offers to your customers, you want to make sure you’re sending it to the right place at the right time. Certain days of the week are typically busier than others. Utilizing automated texts, you can schedule messages to be sent during your peak hours or even on summer holidays to maximize your ROI.


Don’t risk losing your customer by leaving them in the sales cycle for too long. With texting being the fastest form of communication, you’ll be able to quickly move your customers through the pipeline and convert them to a sale. With the speed of texting you can guide a customer through the sale and post-sale process quickly.


Gather Data to Send Personalized Messages

Sending personalized offers will help you convert more leads throughout the lifetime of your campaigns. With the relevant information you gathered from your customers, such as their Zip code  or  favorite brand, you can send them targeted promotions to increase their chances of making a purchase. If a customer says they like swimming, you can send them coupons or mobile links to your swim suits or surf gear. And with MMS messaging, you can include images and media to further entice customers to make purchases.


With the average response time of a text being 90 seconds, compared to email’s 90 minutes, customers will be more than willing to take a quick minute out of their summer to provide their preferences and receive personalized offers directly to their phone. As a result, you will collect more valuable information and be able to target your customers better.


Establish Loyalty with Personalized Communication

Creating personalized communication with customers will establish a sense of membership and loyalty towards your brand. Customer’s absolutely hate being put on hold, with 60% hanging up after one minute of being put on hold. Finding an easy alternative to a phone call that can communicate just as effectively is extremely valuable.


Two-way texting is a fantastic way to create personal one-on-one conversations with your customers. You can send text surveys and receive feedback from your customers instantly wherever they are and at their own convenience. When you respond to their comments, feedback, or questions, in turn they will feel heard while you gain valuable information.


Traditionally, texting is utilized as a channel for personal communication between friends and family, so why not use texting to get close with your customers? Studies show a staggering 81% of Americans text regularly. With texting being the most widely used form of communication, customers will feel comfortable when receiving your messages.


Integrate with Existing Sales Platform

CRM users rely on advanced software, such as Salesforce, to improve their relations with customers and close more deals. With a sophisticated texting software, you can thread your conversation through the CRM software you’re currently using to analyze your messages and create enticing campaigns for your customers.


Stay on Customers’ Minds Through Multiple Channels

An advanced SMS software isn’t limited to just texting. In fact, you have access to all cross-channels communication, including SMS, MMS, voice broadcast, and social media. Customers often have a communications channel they prefer, so being able to message them on their preferred channel will ensure all of your messages are seen by your customers. Posting the message across all channels simultaneously will increase the amount of times your customers see your message, which engrains your campaign into their mind and boosts your brand awareness.

It may seem like an uphill battle trying to get out of a summer sales slump, but a complete SMS software, like Trumpia’s, can be your summer sales solution. Click here to learn more on how to eliminate those slow summers once and for all!


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