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Sending Appointment Reminders Through SMS

Posted by Jason Park on Feb 16, 2022

Sending appointment reminders through SMS texts is one of the best ways to prevent no shows or cancellations. 

Have you ever gone about your day, only to realize that you missed a crucial appointment or meeting that you scheduled months in advance? Or, have you ever experienced a meeting with someone, only to receive a text from someone else asking where you are? Whether it is double booking, or forgetting your appointments altogether, those moments are some of the worst feelings that will ruin your day.


Why is appointment management so important? It’s because if you are not careful, you may need to schedule another time way later in advance, causing you to have to wait for a long period of time. If it is something as casual as a meetup, it may not be the end of the world, but for some appointments like medical appointments, it can be very serious.


That is why we highly recommend using SMS texting for all of your appointment management needs. No other software has the ability to send mass messages to so many different clients at the speeds that Trumpia is able to. This is because our software guarantees high performance without sacrificing the quality of the message. Furthermore, SMS texting through Trumpia gives you access to advanced automation features that allows you to send appointment reminders on autopilot. 


How can automation serve you? Rather than having to send every single message manually, you can actually create drip campaigns that routinely send messages at a set interval of time. This is very useful because you can not only remind clients of their upcoming appointments, but you can also send crucial information that they would need to know. You can also handle important tasks such as document requests so that you do not need to waste time on the day of your actual appointment.


Learn how you can avoid having no shows or cancellations by setting up SMS appointment reminders by following these simple steps:


  • Create keywords that you can broadcast or integrate with your scheduling application or process so that they can start receiving messages.


  • Start writing the message: make it short, simple, and concise. Also be sure to include the date, time, and location of your appointment. 


  •  Automate the message: Determine the interval in which you want to send the message. We recommend once a week in order to avoid overwhelming your contacts.


  • Set up a final appointment confirmation 1-2 days prior to your appointment. This is helpful for anyone that may want to cancel. If they do, send them a link to reschedule if they would like!


These simple and easy-to-follow steps are all you need to know in order to start setting up SMS appointment reminders. If you want to learn about more ways you can use our software, spark your imagination by reading about our blogs here.

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