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What Are Automated SMS Workflows?

Posted by Jason Park on Aug 25, 2021


88148037_s Read about the various uses and benefits of Automated SMS workflows–a powerful marketing tool!

SMS automated workflows are one of the most beneficial tools that Trumpia’s software offers. 

An automated workflow is a campaign that responds to customers without you having to do anything. It helps run your campaign on autopilot without having to create long and complicated lists of code. Our software at Trumpia is intuitively designed to save you time and interact with customers without any manual intervention. Overall, SMS automated workflows allow the right messages to be sent in real time or for certain responses to happen when a certain action gets triggered.

How do SMS workflows work?

First, you need to set a response whenever a subscriber or contact performs a certain action. The triggers can include a subscriber:

  • Texting your keyword
  • Clicking links in your SMS message
  • Responding to your text
  • Completing a survey

Once you determine what will trigger a response, you can create a pre-saved template of a message that will send whenever a trigger is set off. This template can include a simple welcome message, question, link, and more. 

Why are automated SMS workflows helpful? 

Automated workflows offer valuable data that you can capture about your customers. What kind of data are you able to collect? You are able to analyze the click rates of certain messages. Or see how they answer a certain question. Or, you can gain direct data about your contacts depending on the question you ask. All of this can be used to adjust your campaign and ensure that you are maximizing your marketing strategies. 

Not convinced? Here are some of the best ways any industry can utilize automated workflows today:

  • An HR department can send information about reimbursements, benefits, and more whenever a potential employee inquires about a job. 
  • Churches can send meeting times, important information, prayer requests, and more whenever a subscriber joins their SMS texting list
  • Fitness centers can provide exclusive deals whenever a new client joins your messaging list, incentivizing clients to stay with your company for a long time. 
  • Medical offices can provide follow up information, documents, and appointment reminders whenever a new patient subscribes or signs up for an appointment. 
  • Nonprofits can easily encourage new subscribers or contacts to donate or join an upcoming event through reminders and automatic messages. 

Start using SMS texting today in order to meet your mass communication needs. 

Contact us to learn more about the ways that you can start setting your SMS workflow campaigns on autopilot today!


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