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How Can Nonprofits Benefit from SMS Marketing?

Posted by Trumpia on Jul 13, 2021

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Are you running a nonprofit and looking for an easy way to implement a text to donate campaign? Learn how nonprofits can benefit from SMS marketing.

Nonprofits are on a mission to deliver meaningful change to the masses. Efficient and effective, mass text messaging services can give nonprofits just the tools they need to secure funding and donations, and ultimately make a difference. Read on to see how SMS marketing can help your nonprofit reach your audience.

Text-to-Give Campaigns

Nonprofits exist to make a difference but in order to do so, they need funding. Asking for donations in person, on fliers, or even with emails may not be effective enough for getting people to give. Text-to-give campaigns are some of the most straightforward ways to get donors to contribute to nonprofits using mass text messaging. All the organization needs to do is have donors send a text message “keyword” to a “shortcode” or “toll-free long code” through the automated SMS service.  With an intelligent service like Trumpia, you could even send links that lead to our donation page, and then automatically follow up to see if they’re still interested in donating if they haven’t clicked the link within a week.

An example of this might be: “Text GIVE to 12345.” Donors can then click on a link that sends them to a donation page. Text-to-donate programs with mobile keywords simplify the asking process and make fundraising more manageable. 

Get the Word Out & Promote Events

Keep your organization at the forefront of supporters’ minds with a strong SMS marketing campaign. Use mass text message marketing to inform people about the nonprofits’ services and update them on upcoming events. Sometimes the only way individuals know about nonprofits is by attending an event. Increase awareness and help spread the word by keeping current supporters involved and encouraging them to rally others.  Trumpia can even target event alerts to specific contacts, so they don’t receive invites to events surrounding specific causes that they don’t really care about.

Save Money with SMS Marketing

One of the major benefits of using SMS marketing for nonprofits as opposed to other platforms is that it is relatively inexpensive for its return on investment. Nonprofit organizations tend to have lean budgets with little extra to spare. Using a text message marketing service not only helps get the word out but also makes sure that the nonprofit is being advertised to interested individuals who are likely to support it. Cost effective text message marketing for nonprofits can make all the difference for organizations looking to make a difference. 

Organize Volunteers for Nonprofits 

Volunteers make nonprofits possible! Many large scale, national not-for-profit organizations use SMS marketing to organize and manage volunteers. Depending on the size of the event, charity, or program, event management could be a crucial aspect of running a nonprofit. Streamline this process and make it easier with SMS integration. From the initial sign-up process to filling out waivers to confirming locations for onsite volunteering, charities that use text message services and software as part of their volunteer strategy tend to have an easier time facilitating events from start to finish. 

Make SMS marketing for nonprofits work for your organization today. No matter the size, mission, or goal, Trumpia can help implement just the right strategy to help nonprofits fundraise for a worthy cause. We want to help your nonprofit organization make a difference. Reach out to us today so we can strategize and come up with a plan for you.

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