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Why Trumpia is the Most Popular SMS Messaging Platform

Posted by Jason Park on Mar 02, 2022

In an industry with so many different competitors, see how Trumpia stands above the rest of the competition in the SMS Texting world.

What are Mobile Messaging Platforms? These are any software that utilizes text messaging in order to power their communication. This can be very useful for businesses who desperately need a way to organize their messages with their contacts, optimize marketing strategies, and build out powerful campaigns. These platforms can also be used for simple communication as well beyond just for revenue - you can use them to coordinate events, make announcements, and more.

What separates Mobile Messaging Platforms from simple texting? Mobile messaging allows users to do the following:

  • Send mass text messages to thousands of people at a time very quickly. 

  • Have all messages stored in one dedicated inbox that multiple people have access to.

  • Track meaningful data and analytics such as click-through tracking

  • Utilize Automation features in order to take your system on autopilot.

  • Create pre-set templates in order to save you time. 


These are all excellent reasons why you need to be using mobile messaging platforms compared to other communication tools such as social media. While social media platforms can help you reach a lot of different audiences, it fails to go deep in your marketing campaign as you would want it to go. We highly recommend providing a multi-faceted approach where both social media and text messaging can help supplement each other and cover each other’s bases.


Trumpia is undoubtedly the best amongst the competition when you are looking for the most popular mobile messaging platform. And this is not just a biased opinion - it is simply the fact. No one provides our advanced automation capabilities at the prices that we offer in the industry. If you do not believe us, check out all our automation tools that are able to take your marketing campaign to the next level.  

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