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13 Ways Text Messaging can Improve HR Functions

Posted by Trumpia on Dec 26, 2016

Improve HR With Text Messaging

Communication is an integral to a well functioning HR department. Consider that only 22 percent of all emails are opened. So when you need to ensure an important message is read, email is no longer cutting it. Now compare that to text messages, which boast a whopping 98 percent read rate! Imagine sending an announcement to your employees, and not having to remind them to read it over and over again. Here are a just a few reasons why your HR department needs to be using text messaging, along with a few tools you could use with a powerful SMS software to make your campaigns more effective.

  • Employee Onboarding

Texting’s effectiveness can start on the employee’s very first day with a warm welcome and introduction message. Want them to be prepared before they even set foot through your doors? Send them their first day schedule a week before they start. You can also send reminders of required paperwork, training dates and times, and links to employee documents like W2 and benefit forms that you can be sure it’s seen.

  • Open Enrollment and Benefits Administration

According to a study by Mass Mutual, 40 percent of employees say they know little to nothing about their HR benefits. So when you need to send important updates about benefits, deadline reminders, or enrollment information, texting is the only channel that is certain to garner their attention. Of course, benefit information often takes more than 140 characters to explain, which a good practice is to include a link to a form or detailed description.

SMS texting is also a great way for employees to quickly communicate with you when they have questions about their benefit options, especially when they’re on the go. This could include questions about where to get forms, who to email them to, what types of benefits are available, or if they can make a change or add someone to their benefits.

  • Recruiting

A study by Software Advice found that 60 percent of recruiters already use texting. That’s because texting is the most pervasive, attention-grabbing, and immediate form of communication there is. So when you need to spread the word about a job opening to as many people as you can, or communicate one-on-one with a specific candidate, texting is an easy way to do so. Texting is especially handy for communicating with candidates in a discreet manner, especially because 51 percent of people who are looking for a job that are already employed.

You can even use landline texting to to send and receive text messages through the landline or toll-free phone number you already operate and advertise. Let candidates text in to schedule an interview or ask questions about the position.

  • Last minute announcements/changes

Keep employees informed about important updates or company policy changes with SMS. Since 98 percent of all text messages are read, you can rest assured everyone got the memo.

  • Payroll

Payday can be a stressful time. Send a text message for reminders to fill out timesheets and direct deposit notifications. You can also let employees text in their disputes and discrepancies.

  • Surveys

HR communication strategy should include listening. Get a sense of your employees’ moods or needs with surveys sent through SMS. Text messages have a response rate 7.5 times greater than that of email, so you can be sure these surveys will garner a heavy volume of responses.

  • Motivation

Motivation is a tricky yet necessary aspect of any successful company. Use text messages to share share motivational quotes, company mission goals, and company wins. You can also recognize specific members of your team, whether it’s for an accomplishment, their birthday, or even work anniversary.

  • Critical Alerts

Most US workers do not believe their employer is prepared for a natural disaster, and 72 percent say they would not feel safe in their workplace if a disaster struck. Assuage their fears by implementing a text alert system, the fastest way to make sure a critical message is heard during a disaster. Consider that over 90 percent of all text messages are read within three minutes. Use it to send alerts, share step-by-step processes for different types of critical situations, and to get immediate status updates from all your employees.

  • Save time while texting

There are a few best practices your HR department could apply to its texting program to save itself some valuable time. Create templates for recurring meetings, surveys, recruitment messages, and event invitations. You can also schedule messages to go out, so you don’t have to manually do it at the right time.

Some software solutions even include automation technology that let you create rules that when met, automatically carry out a predefined task for you. For example, you could send a form for employees to fill out. A week later, those who haven’t filled it out yet are automatically sent a reminder to do so.

  • Interactive presentations

Give your audience an exciting and interactive experience with Text-to-Screen! Text-to-Screen lets anyone’s text become instantly displayed on a large screen for everyone to see. Gain valuable feedback and liven up an event, all in real time. Let employees text their questions during a presentation so they don’t forget them, or suggestions for the next company event.

  • Online portals

Bolster security by requiring a special one-time code that’s either emailed or texted to the user when suspicious conditions are detected. This could include an attempt from an unknown IP address or too many incorrect password entries.

  • Important Reminders

According to a study by Locket, the average adult checks his or her phone 110 times a day! That means when you send a reminder for a meeting, event, timesheets, or deadlines via text, you can rest assured it will be read. Send reminders for office events, meetings, and important dates/deadlines.

  • Company Events

Boost attendance at events by sending out invitations via SMS. You can be sure it’s seen, and you can include a link to directions, the agenda, and pictures and videos in your text messages to create more captivating content. Then, as the event gets closer, send friendly reminders or notifications of changes.

Text messaging is a powerful tool your HR department could use to boost everyday communications. To learn more about this powerful tool, as well as a few of the SMS advanced technologies available, download our complimentary eBook, How to use SMS Technology in HR.


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