How to Leverage ROI through your SMS Campaigns

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Outlining and planning a mobile marketing concept for your business or organization doesn't end at its execution. Dynamic and responsive marketing strategies truly begin after execution. Why? Implementing a plan does not necessarily imply success. Messaging contacts regularly does not imply engagement or successful marketing. Rather, beyond the planning and implementation, the strategy should include evaluation and responses to the findings. Analytic reports provide the data to evaluate and guide the step of future marketing efforts.

SMS marketing analytic reports normally contains several KPI metrics:

  • Keyword statistics
  • Click-through rates for email & SMS
  • SMS delivery success and failure
  • Email delivery success and failure
  • QR code scans
  • Coupon redemption
  • Loyalty program activity

Understand your text marketing strategy:

  • Keyword statistics are useful when creating and publicizing a new keyword since it measures the timeline of new subscriptions, as well as the number of subscribers who opted in by the keyword.
  • Click-through rates for email & SMS messages reveal which subscribers not only opened the message but clicked on a link within the message. This is hugely beneficial because it may indicate a higher level of interest than those who didn't click on the links.
  • SMS and email delivery failure rates notify you of obsolete contact information. With the help of this analytic, you can manage an up-to-date list at all times.
  • QR code scan rates reveal the number of people who engaged in your marketing effort indicating substantial interest (since it requires action beyond just clicking a link).
  • Coupon redemption statistics reveal how successful a coupon campaign was by measuring how many people redeemed it. It brings insight into the attractiveness and effectiveness of the coupon offering.
  • Loyalty program activity reports are useful for tracking long-term customer activity and engagement. It can prove very valuable in deciding how to improve customer interactions and rapport.

 What actions you can take with these reports:

Even if it reveals not-so-positive results about your strategy, an analytics report is paramount in driving the next step of your marketing journey because it is based on real current data. Since businesses and organizations operate, market, and profit differently, you will come across nuances, ideas, and actions that are specific to your industry or strategy. To get you started, we’ve compiled a general process of using analytics in marketing strategies.

What do the reports mean?

  • If results were positive, list contributing factors and answer Why? for each factor (as best as you can). Same goes for not-so-positive outcomes.

What is your next quantifiable goal? And what is an action item that can help you reach it?

  • If results were positive and this is the direction you want to continue, what would you consider as the next level of success? E.g. Your keyword yielded 50 new subscribers in a week. A possible goal might be to gain 50 more within 3 day, or even getting the current 50 to redeem a coupon in 2 weeks.
  •  If your results were not what you expected, what would be a reasonable goal to work towards to get your marketing campaign rolling? E.g. Your keyword yielded 150 new subscribers when you were hoping for 250. A possible goal may be work on engaging those existing subscribers, or rolling out a new keyword campaign but publicizing it differently.

Is there anything else you want to integrate your current action item with?

  • This should be considered case-by-case. You may want to isolate your marketing actions so you can better understand the impact of each step you implement. Or, you may want to combine it with one or two other features to see how they work in conjunction. If you decide to go this route, you can use the campaign function and link messages, keywords, etc. together to view as one big item.

Get started! What are you waiting for? 

  • Gather your reports and examine what the numbers tell you. Or, if you don’t have any reports to pull from just yet, start by figuring out the best method and purpose of your communication strategy for your company or organization..

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