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When you want to connect with sales leads, texting is your answer. The reasons are simple. Texts are read at a high rate of nearly 98%, and within 90 seconds of being received. Leads who are sent a text message convert to a sale 40% more of the time than customers who aren't sent a text message. In order for your business to maximize the benefits of all that text messaging has to offer, you can set up your system to automate texts. When texting is automated, you remove the risk of manual errors and you ensure that each customer receives text messages as intended. This will save you time in your busy work day and ensure that your prospects are still getting the information you want them to receive. When you diversify your mobile communications automation, it will be easier to move your leads through the sales cycle and ultimately close more leads.

Stay on Task by Scheduling Text Messages

While your text message is going to be read by the recipient, timing is also important when it comes to sending a text message. When you want your customers to receive the right messages at the right time, you can automate this task by scheduling your text messages. You won't have to worry about stopping your day and creating a text message to send out to your customers.

Revive Leads with Text Drip Campaigns

Few customers are going to convert to a sale after receiving just one text message. This is why it's important to create a drip text campaign that educates even the most difficult to convert customer. With carefully timed text messages targeted to specific users, you can send many perfectly tailored messages at the right time to your potential customers. While you can use email for your drip campaign, texting has a 750% higher response rate than email. In addition, you can send texts that inform the recipient that a more detailed email has been sent. This leads to a higher email open rate and a higher conversion rate.

Combining Salesforce Process Builder and Trumpia Connect

Salesforce offers a number of powerful features, including the Process Builder. The Salesforce platform allows you to engage with customers, keep track of all kinds of tasks, and keeps your marketing efforts organized. When a lead is created or edited, the process builder is triggered to complete the next action in the workflow. When you use Trumpia Connect in conjunction with Salesforce, texting becomes one of those tasks that can be triggered by the Process Builder. You can create drip campaigns that are automatically triggered when you close a lead, or move the lead over to a local rep. Together, Salesforce and Trumpia Connect can streamline the entire marketing process and have a positive impact on your bottom line.  

Nurture leads in the most effective way possible by automating tasks. You won't waste time in your day to stop and create a text message to send out, because you can preplan the texts that you want to send out and the specific time you want to send it. Salesforce Process Builder and Trumpia Connect allow you to set up automated messages, keep up with all potential leads, and gather data about your marketing campaigns. When you want to be successful at marketing your business, you need to have the skills necessary to convert potential leads into paying customers. Stay connected with your customers, and build build stronger relationships with your leads by sending out timely text messages that get customers engaged in what you have to offer.

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