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Send Critical Alerts to Students and Parents with Trumpia’s Automated Text Service

Posted by Laurie Heng on Jun 13, 2016

Send Critical Alerts With Automated Text ServiceCopyright: georgerudy / 123RF Stock Photo

School administrators must be able to contact students and their parents quickly for a variety of reasons. In the past, schools have relied on newspaper or radio announcements and phone calls for communication. However, this doesn't always provide school administrators with the immediate contact they need. People may miss information released by the media, forget to check their voicemail or simply be too busy to search for a possible announcement from the school, especially if they aren't expecting to hear one. Fortunately, schools can increase the efficiency of their notification programs through the use of Trumpia's automated text service.

Why Automated Text Service?

SMS text messaging is one of the fastest and most widely-used methods of communication in today's society. More than 6 billion texts are sent in the United States every day, with 90 percent of these texts being read within three minutes. In fact, most texts are read in less than five seconds after being received. People have their cell phones on hand or nearby all day long, making missed messages unlikely.

When schools use texting to contact students and parents, they can be reasonably certain that their messages will be received instantaneously and read quickly. This can be especially valuable when schools need to send urgent messages to students and parents regarding lock downs, closings, schedule changes and other situations that require immediate attention or action.

About Trumpia's Automated SMS Service

Trumpia's automated text service allows school administrators to send SMS messages to multiple recipients instantly. Simply request the mobile numbers of parents, teachers, students and support staff, use this information to create a list of contacts, write your message and send it to everyone on the list with the click of a button. You can also create smaller lists of specific recipients for customized messages. For example, you may create a contact list that contains only faculty members, only support staff, only students or only parents. You can also create individual lists for people affiliated with specific extracurricular activities.

In addition to basic mass texting services, Trumpia also offers text-to-landline service, smart targeting, scheduled reminders, SMS surveys, short codes and much more. Schools can use these services to create a customized automated texting program that meets their needs.

How Schools Can Use Automated SMS Messaging from Trumpia

Schools can use an automated text service for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Sending campus safety alerts. - Trumpia's automated text service can be used to send campus safety alerts to students, staff and visitors. For example, if an escaped prisoner has been spotted near the school, all those who may be on the premises can receive an immediate alert. School administrators can also send alerts for bomb threats, unsafe structures, traffic accidents, inclement weather and other situations that put the safety of people and their property at risk.

  • Announcing School Closures. - When the school must be closed because of inclement weather or some other situation that makes its operation unsafe for students, school administrators can use Trumpia's automated texting service to send an alert to students, their parents, faculty members and staff. This prevents people from reporting to the school and/or endangering their lives needlessly.

  • Announcing Schedule Changes. - When the school's schedule changes, the school's administrators can alert all of the necessary individuals easily with the use of automated texting. For example, if basketball practice is canceled, the school can send an SMS alert to all students, parents and staff members who are affiliated with the basketball team.

  • Sending Reminders. - When an important form is due or an event is approaching, schools can use automated texting to remind the appropriate people. For example, graduating seniors may receive reminders about graduation ticket deadlines, robe purchases and other related issues.

Getting Started with Trumpia's Automated SMS Texting Software

Before you can begin using automated texting to improve communications with your school's students, parents, and staff, you must invest in automated texting software. If you are ready to bring automated texting to your school, please contact Trumpia today to learn more about our products.


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