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Blast Text Messages: Why Interacting and Connecting with Retail Customers is Crucial

Posted by Laurie Heng on Jun 09, 2016

Blast Text Messages to Retail Customers
Companies learning to use an sms service to blast text messages have taken over the customer communication world, and they’re reworking customer relations from the ground up. On any sales floor, customer interaction is vital to success. A study of four national organizations, exploring the options of 400 American employers, found that communications, collaboration and teamwork are a business’s most critical components.

Today, SMS blasts are taking over the communicative “slack” experienced by customer prioritization. Employees needn’t exhaust hours of effort reaching out to buyers anymore. Customized, consumer-centric text message blasts are here, and they’re redefining the way businesses engage buyers.

Sending Relevant Messages Based Upon Customer Interests

Message relevancy is in, and spam-texts are out. In past years, retail outlets flopped with aimless SMS blasts. Today’s innovative solutions have strayed away from such an approach. Now, the buyer is at the forefront of every decision. SMS blasts gather data, transform it into meaningful information and shape future outreach efforts. No SMS response is unfounded, and no customer is left behind.

Product and Service Feedback with SMS Surveys

SMS surveys assist with business-to-consumer connectivity. Mobile devices host a vast array of functions, and each pairs well with SMS-hosted surveys. Location tracking, instant alerts and cross-channel accessibility can transform a simple text survey into a one-size-fits-all outreach platform.

In fact, SMS surveys currently outrank phone calls in terms of effectiveness. Business phone calls, themselves, are sixth in line for customer outreach impact, falling to mobile email and SMS alike.

Find the Customer’s Interests. Send Relevant Messages

It’s no surprise that SMS blasts are self-fulfilling services. Gathered information from SMS fuels future SMS outreach. By gathering feedback data, location data, purchase data and social media data, an automated SMS sender can “shape” future outreach efforts. Businesses need to go where there customers are. They need to think how they think. A mobile marketing method able to reach customers anywhere, and at any time, will win the industry after 2016.

VIP Customers with Real-Time Event Alerts

Real-time event alerts are more important than a text itself. 98 percent of mobile users open a text message within three minutes. Additionally, 19 percent of users click in-message links. 43 percent are more likely to make a purchase when a mobile offer crosses multiple channels. Real-time alerts are critical to a mobile marketer’s strategy. They incentivize follow up purchases.

They power VIP programs, too. Does your business reward its loyal followers? If so, it needs to offer instant rewards to return customers. By building up customer relationships, your brand can gain advocates. When VIP programs are powered via SMS, every customer’s presence counts. Create “staged programs,” wherein consumers earn points to reach new reward levels. Or, encourage return visits with redeemable SMS coupons. VIP options boost a brand’s value while boosting retention.

Flash Sales with Flashy Alerts

Service industries rely on SMS blasts for a reason: They’re quick, digestible and flexible. Your brand, even if it offers products, can power flash sales and special offers via SMS. In today’s business environment, foot traffic is powered by mobile-gathered information.

People fragment their mobile attention. They browse social media, sent texts and hop into apps. Modern SMS platform designers know this, and they’re powering in-store offers with real-time information. As a business provider, it’s important to text blast messages with consistency. Buyers won’t go along with a text messaging service that’s wasting their time. They’ll stick to providers offering immediate deals, easy-access coupons and cross-platform access.

Quality Impactors Leading the Way

Your SMS blast’s speed isn’t only beneficial to consumers. It’s a power-packed solution tool your business can use to track responses, analyze feedback and drive results. Companies like Coca-Cola are boosting sales with SMS, driving product purchases with real time SMS events through March Madness. Meanwhile, Aveeno has utilized QR-code-based text blasts to offer free samples.

Keyword redemption offers and coupons are the tip of the iceberg, and companies are soaring to new heights with the mobile marketing world’s latest, greatest advancements. If you want to redefine your mobile strategy, you need to look at the world’s greatest brands. Invest in an automated SMS solution, and bring your brand to the next level.


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