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What No One Tells You About Fundraising with a Bulk Text Message Service

Posted by Nicholas You on Jun 24, 2016

Bulk Text Message Service FundraisingCopyright: rawpixel / 123RF Stock Photo

Each year, nonprofits chase digits with intuitive, quick-response texting options. Using a mass messaging service can set you ahead, and nonprofits aren’t sharing their secrets for a reason: They work. Whether you’re picking up donations using a bulk text service, targeting via online donation prompts or are engaging potential donators via social media, there’s a few things you should know.

Each mass text messaging service is power-packed with fantastic donation options. More importantly, a mass messaging service, itself, is the perfect platform for ongoing support. Below, we cover the lesser-known facts about fundraising with a bulk text message service.

One: It’s Easy to Set Up

Establishing fundraising options via text takes little time. In fact, providers like Red Cross have established go-to mobile donation options by following simple guidelines. Sure, every strategy is different, but end goals make the road to donation easy to format.

In Red Cross’s case, donators need only text REDCROSS to its short code to donate $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief. Seem simple? Good. You’re catching on. By simply tying in your nonprofit campaign into a website, Facebook page, Twitter campaign, email list, or even on location, you can procure donations with a single text.

Two: It’s Effective

The mobile revolution has changed the way people approach, connect and return to professional entities. For this reason, 34 percent of today’s nonprofit donators are more likely to donate on responsive websites. 60 percent of Millennials donate, on average, $481 to nonprofits annually, too.

Because these Millennials are accessing nonprofits via mobile, SMS has become a king of ongoing fundraiser campaigns. Bulk text, now, should be every nonprofit’s donation platform.

Three: It’s Consistent

Do you know why SMS is superior? It’s superior because it carries a 98-percent open rate. Your donators are receiving your texts, and they’re responding to them, too. Why not tie donation options in directly? Smartphone ownership has enabled ongoing, text-based donation platforms. SMS text messaging isn’t going anywhere, and bulk message software providers have removed the legwork needed to make custom options. Consistency, now, doesn’t sacrifice message quality.

Four: You Can Create Different Keywords for Different Events

Likely, your nonprofit spans across multiple causes, events and locations. Because bulk texting software, again, reduces the legwork of crafting, sending and securing custom messages, you can reach your donators on the go. Create event-specific mobile keywords, and promote your cause with ever-changing content. Nonprofits, in the past, were weighed by incredibly generic text options. In 2016, they’re catching onto the power of custom keywords.

Five: You Can Send Reminders for Incomplete Transactions

Send day-of reminders for your events, and make sure each donator is up-to-snuff with upcoming options. By sending different keywords, you can manage contacts on a reminder-based timeframe. Donators are a forgetful bunch, but nonprofits like Operation Smile have utilized real-time alerts to keep active donators aware. Formed in 1982, Operation Smile has come a long way. Now, but texting the keyword “SMILE” to the nonprofit’s short code donators can give $5 and receive reminders.

Six: You Can Connect with Social Media

As stated above, Facebook and Twitter are fantastic donator sources. They’re also powerful follow-up resources. The Keep A Child Alive fundraiser, for instance, has teamed up with R&B singer, Alicia Keys, among other famous providers to inspire donations across Facebook and Twitter. The campaign started with a single text, “ALIVE,” to its short code. The campaign blossomed, and donators repeatedly send donations while connecting with album-lovers across social media.

Seven: You Can Connect with Those In Need

While a bulk SMS sender directly connects donators to your platform, it can also be a fantastic platform for deeper connections. Your SMS software provider, likely, offers data-gathering services. By gathering data, you can close the gap between donators and those they assist.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation
, inspiring others to give joy and hope to sick children, has utilized SMS to offer direct donation and visitation options. Donators could even meet with celebrities, spend time in princess bedrooms and receive ongoing Make-A-Wish news. Texting “WISH” to its shortcode was the beginning, and the program, seemingly, has no end.

Don’t stop with a single text. Create inspiring, continuous donation campaigns dedicated to giving back. As a nonprofit, your vision deserves attention. Get smart, get involved and get out there to make a difference with a bulk SMS service.


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