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25 Amazing Stats That Should Convince Your Business to Adopt Text Messaging

Posted by Juebong Khwarg on Feb 22, 2016

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SMS marketing
has become a preferred business approach by many, and for good reason. In recent years, text messaging has proven itself to be a superior communication platform. It’s fast, it’s accessible and it’s multi-functional. Now, big-name businesses are spearheading their mobile campaigns with solid text-based strategies, attracting consumers while generating revenue, retention and outreach.

If you haven’t yet, you should adopt an SMS strategy to accompany your other mobile communication methods. In the marketing world, few approaches compare. Check out the 25 bind-blowing statistics surrounding SMS and mobile marketing, and consider the many ways an automated text message sender can highlight your business’ best aspects:

One: Over 389 Billion Text Messages are Sent Monthly

Across the globe, billions of mobile users are communicating via text. Currently, over six billion smartphone subscribers contribute to the statistic.

Two: 95 to 98 Percent of Texts are Read Immediately

These texts are read within one minute of receipt, influencing mobile owners almost immediately. Mobile marketers have adopted text-first strategies to ensure instant communication.

Three: 86 Percent of Consumers Send and Receive Texts Every Week

Because modern consumers are mobile-centric, it isn’t a surprise how often they communicate with businesses and one another.

Four: 30 Percent of Consumers Interact with a Brand via Text Message

Instant offers, location-based amenities and digital coupons have made business text messaging a primary approach for consumers seeking extra benefits and even day-to-day offers.

Five: 80 Percent of Internet Users Use a Mobile Device

Because so many consumers have smartphones, text message numbers will only increase. Many business providers are extending to Internet outreach programs via SMS to capitalize on the connection.

Six: 71 Percent of Marketers Consider Mobile to Be a Core Mechanic

A lot of marketing tech workers are streamlining their strategies to make mobile marketing a top priority. A huge impactor of ROI, SMS marketing has become an in-house favorite.

Seven: 65 Percent of Smartphone Owners Check Their Phones Within 15 Minutes of Waking Up

Sound habitual? Americans are tied to their mobile devices. The “always connected” consumer is a profitable investment, and their capacity to read texts upon waking up is similarly big.

Eight: 50 Percent of Millennials Research Products via Smartphone

Millennials are the new smartphone-heavy consumer segment. Known for scoping out store products and services online, Millennials are contributing to a big portion of mobile marketing profits.

Nine: 41 Percent of Millennials Have Made Purchases via Smartphone

Millennials are buying on mobile devices, too. For this reason, text-based offers are increasingly popular among brands intending to influence the masses.

Ten: By 2018, Mobile Video Will Represent 69 Percent of Mobile Traffic

MMS services are becoming popular, and mobile marketers are sending rich media via texts to gain the modern buyer’s attention in ways never before imagined.

Eleven: 75 Percent of Smartphone Owners Watch Mobile Video

Text-based videos are incredibly accessible, and they’re well worth the consumer’s time investment. More than ever, smartphone owners are opening videos in texts and apps alike.

Twelve: 92 Percent of Mobile Viewers Share Their Videos

Both on text and online, text-based videos are spreading. Both SMS and MMS services hold great social potential for a brand, existing as an unrivaled marketing resource.

Thirteen: 71 Percent of Users Engage Social Media via Smartphone

Social media connects everything, and mobile marketers are finding ways to intimately link social media experiences with SMS applications. As technology evolves, we’re expected to see seamless messaging and social media integration.

Fourteen: 91 Percent of Adults Have Instant Access to a Smartphone

Their mobile devices are within an arm’s reach. Mobile devices have become our go-to tools for work, socializing and other day-to-day activities.

Fifteen: 91 Percent of Smartphone Users Consider Content Access is Important

More than ever, quick and intuitive text access has become favored by consumers. Automated SMS senders and dynamic texting platforms are being adopted to quench the consumer’s thirst, delivering great content and break-neck speeds.

Sixteen: 48 Percent of Consumers Begin Mobile Research Through a Search Engine

You’d be surprised how many consumers access mobile engines after a text conversation, too. Many consumers browse Safari just after receiving text-based offers, directions and promotions. Mobile users love information, and they love having instant access to it, too.

Seventeen: Mobile Apps Account for 89 Percent of Mobile Media Time

Text message marketing, too, is placing quite a bit of attention on mobile apps. In-app messaging, in 2016, is expected to become synonymous with pure SMS access. Innovative marketers are already planning for full-fledged text-to-app integration to serve smartphone users alerts and product updates.

Eighteen: 52 Percent of Companies are Using a Simple Mobile Marketing Template

They’re making mobile engagement incredible easy to procure. If you’re generating a text message marketing strategy, fear not. Many basic approaches still offer dynamic support, intuitive access and a slew of technical features.

Nineteen: 68 Percent of Businesses Have Fully Integrated with Mobile Marketing

Because so many businesses are utilizing SMS marketing, new technology roll-outs appear almost annually. Every month, advancements are made to streamline text marketing’s impact. Moreover, mobile marketing’s core platform is making SMS marketing easier than ever to engage.

Twenty: 85 Percent of Users State Mobile Devices are Integral to Everyday Life

Consumers won’t go a day without their smartphones, and their dedication to texting further empowers the many intelligent SMS strategies able to enhance the value of goods and services.

Twenty-One: Consumers Spend an Average of Two Hours and 21 Minutes, Per Day, on Smartphones

Smartphone usage constitutes a big slice of the modern buyer’s time. It’s become preferred over desktop and television alike, making it a viable target for the world’s leading marketing strategies.

Twenty-Two: 89 Percent of Users Consider Smartphones Important for Relaying Social Events

Smartphone users constantly send texts to friends and loved ones, relaying daily occurrences, news and events. Due to the sheer popularity of SMS, consumers have shifted to a “text to tell” communication methodology.

Twenty-Three: 54 Percent of All Phones are Smartphones

This includes household phones, too. Smartphones are taking over, fully integrating SMS into the average person’s daily lifestyle. In the near future, smartphones will dominate the planet, making text messaging much more than a modern communication cornerstone.

Twenty-Four: 64 Percent of Consumers Think Businesses Should Converse via SMS More Often

In fact, they’re preferring SMS communication to typical lines of communication, including email, on-phone discussion and web-based forms.

Twenty-Five: 52 Percent of Successful Mobile Offers are Time Sensitive

Time sensitive offers are delivered through texts, and automated SMS platforms effectively target consumer behavior, sending well-timed discounts and coupons to ready and willing buyers. Business text messaging is incredibly effective due to its instant action capabilities.

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