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8 Brilliant Ways Schools & Universities Can Benefit From SMS Messaging

Posted by Sophorn Chhay on Aug 05, 2015

SMS messaging is quickly becoming the marketing method of choice due to its instant deliverability, high open rate, reliability, short message factor and most of all, because it’s cool. There are not that many people who don’t have a phone, and because SMS messaging is a flexible platform, you don’t need a smartphone to be plugged into the network.

There is limitless market potential in using SMS messaging, and it helps keep the environment healthy through its green properties – you don’t need paper or ink to relay your message.

SMS Mesages

Is SMS messaging beneficial to schools and universities?

Collleges benefits from SMS Messaging

Schools and Universities can benefit greatly from using SMS messaging in their marketing efforts through enhanced communication. They use SMS messaging for alumni relations, emergency postings, information on graduation, admission deadlines, safety updates and more. Here’s how:

SMS For Admissions

  • Sonoma State University in California used their undeclared student roster and sent them all notifications about workshops and courses that would give them more information on majors and career options through SMS messages. This is an enhancement to the standard emailing system that is also being used throughout the admissions offices. By using SMS messaging, students will have firsthand information when they need it.
  • At Cedarville University in Ohio, the admissions office uses SMS messaging to recruit students, send status updates to applicants and additional information to students who have already accepted. A very progressive university, SMS messaging will replace standard email communications.

SMS For Athletics and Events

SMS for athletic events

  • The Student Recreation of California State University, Long beach sends SMS messages with all the activities and information.
  • Stanford University’s Department of Athletics keeps their students up-to-date on all upcoming NCAA sporting event going on at the university.
  • The University of Florida uses SMS messaging for updates and reminders on upcoming games.
  • Valley Schools in California sends SMS messages and notifications to their pre-K to 8th grade parents on school events and other activities with multiple departments.

SMS Notifications & Updates For Students

SMS alerts for students

  • The University of California in San Diego’s Rady School of Management uses SMS messaging to send information to students who are interested in attending the school. These messages also use embedded links to direct prospective students to the right department.
  • Crescent Schools in Los Angeles, Missouri and Nevada utilizes their SMS messaging system to send application and admission information to prospective students, and to alert current students of important information, such as billing and other personal information, as well as emergency notifications.

There is no limit to which departments can use SMS messaging, including campus services, dining, safety, athletics and admissions. One of the best advantages of using SMS messaging in the university and college setting is that students can easily opt-in or opt-out whenever they need to. This alleviates having to call an office and speak to a live person to get off certain mailing lists.

Using SMS messaging has a high conversion rate, which equate to more attentiveness and personalization when needed. Colleges and universities can significantly improve student life by using SMS messaging. This also helps boost attendance at events, and assists in the marketing and promotions efforts already taking place.

Does this help increase revenue at the school?

SMS means more revenue for schools

More students means more revenue for the school in tuition and sales that vary between food vendors, event participation, school supplies, and other ways that increase the revenue of the school. SMS messaging improves student life and gives those students who are generally quiet a way to communicate with departments that desire feedback.

Student feedback is gathered by conducting SMS messaging polls that can be immediately answered, and in using RSVP tactics to correctly estimate the number of students that will be attending school functions, lectures and other events.

SMS messaging is a viable alternative for institutions of all sizes. Messages can be tailored to specific demographics such as clubs and organizations; all women students; all male students; all students who have a parking pass; all students who have a meal plan; all students who are eligible for graduation and more. This makes it easier for students to stay connected to those departments and areas that can benefit them, and makes if beneficial for those departments to be able to connect with their students.

Looking toward the future

Implementing SMS messaging is more than just a way to connect with students and other individuals associated with the university, but operates as a bridge to enhancing the innovation and methods of reaching students. With more than 75% of students at a university of college being able to receive a text message, this is also an effective way for instructors to notify their students of a class being cancelled, or an upcoming test. Having the luxury of communicating information to students quickly and efficiently helps make this the best alternative to use.

The educational market is one of the most active and engaged industries in the world. Choosing to implement processes that will keep information flowing is not only smart, but can alleviate the notion of students not receiving information through the e-mail system. The email system is antiquated, and students do not check their university email on a consistent basis, so chances are they may or may not receive information needed from the professor.

SMS text messaging is definitely the way to attract and retain engaged audiences on a university or college campus. Getting buy-in from the departments will work to provide visibility, and pleased students, which eventually equates to increased revenue. See how much your school would save by implementing SMS communications to your students by downloading the complimentary SMS ROI Calculator.


Download the SMS ROI Calculator

Download the SMS ROI Calculator

Topics: SMS Messaging, Education

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