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How to Create a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign: 4 Necessary Tips

Posted by Trumpia on Sep 15, 2014

How to Create Successful SMS Marketing Campaigns with Trumpia

1. Plan out your Text Messaging Goals and Objectives:

A successful SMS campaign by is only successful by planning out your objective and goals. If your objective is to increase your revenue by selling more of a particular product, your goal would be to create a mobile coupon and text that coupon to everyone who has shown interest in that product prior. Before digging into your objectives, let’s take a few moments to identify your subscribers in your contact list (the people you plan to contact):

Know your Audience:

  • How well informed are they about your business or the offerings you have?
  • Do you have a good relationship with your subscribers offline?
  • What will keep your subscribers opted in to your messages? Engagement is the key here.
  • Are you providing value to your customers?  Is it your products, service, or content/value (e.g. inspiration, entertainment, lifestyle, etc.)? It comes down to knowing your audience and understanding their needs.

2. Create your Mobile Marketing Campaign Goals

  • Do you wish to schedule messages to subscribers with information, updates, coupons?
  • Do you wish to interact with your subscribers? i.e. two-way messaging.
  • Do you wish to gather information about your subscribers? By collecting more data about who they are, what they like, what they don’t like.
  • Do you wish to poll subscribers? Perfect for asking your customers what they’d like to see in the future to gain their repeat business.
  • Do you wish to use subscriber information to send relevant messages? Once you collect more personal information about your customers, you can personalize your SMS Campaigns to target groups of people who happen to like a particular brand or product. When those items go on sale, they will be notified via text.

Once you can envision your destination, it will be easier to come up with the strategy to get you there.

3. Growing your business starts with growing your contact list.

Once you’ve developed your goal, the next step is to include more subscribers and implement an opt-in campaign. Even if you already have a contact database, you may want to consider starting fresh with another mobile keyword or Online Sign-up Page (OSP). This way, current and new subscribers will be aware and expectant of messages, instead of being surprised out of the blue.

If you currently do not have enough subscribers you’d like, an opt-in campaign using a mobile keyword, OSP, or both can help you grow your address book so each message can be more meaningful and effective to your purposes. For example, a database of 500 people versus 50 people will paint a clearer picture of your subscribers and their responses to the campaign. Of course, it’s just as imperative to set reasonable goals; a relatively new small business will probably be more likely to be harmed than helped by striving to reach thousands of subscribers.

 4. How to Accomplish your Objectives and Goals:

You can start to formulate a practical plan by referring back to your answers to the original questions: What kind of subscribers do you have? and What kind of messages do you want to send? Trumpia offers a fleet of features that can help execute your strategy and convert your ideas into actions. Here’s a brief outline of what’s available to you, all included with a plan (unless indicated otherwise with *).

If you are interested in simply sending messages to subscribers one-way, the standard messaging suite (SMS, email, voice broadcast) is available. However, if you are interested in creating a more visually appealing message, Mobile eCards send as MMS messages might better suit you. Or, the Text Appointment Reminder feature can ensure your subscribers are well-informed of recurring events and appointments. For example, if Jill’s Closet has a monthly sale around the same time of the month, an appointment reminder can be configured to run automatically to send the day before the sale each month - without Jill having to set it again and again.

For engaging subscribers, you will most likely find the following useful. The Yes/No Response is a simple way to ask a yes/no question and group subscribers by their answers. Similar to Yes/No Response, Multi-Channel Voting allows you to gather subscriber opinions in a more in depth  manner. Subscribers can text in one of up to 10 choices. Shuffle Responder is geared more to entertain the subscriber by sending one of up to 100 responses automatically that he or she will receive at random when texting in a keyword.

In promoting your business, you would be interested in features that encourage subscribers to engage with your texts (beyond replying with a message). The Coupon feature allows you to send a code that recipients can use to purchase a product or service in-store. With a snapshot using their phone’s camera , QR Codes direct subscribers to a website or send them a message. The Loyalty Rewards Program tracks and rewards subscribers’ purchases to invite them back.


With the right mobile marketing strategy, you will be generating return customers and repeat business throughout your SMS Campaign. Make sure to be engaging with your customers whenever they have questions, and be able to contact you during normal business hours.

Having the right starting point for any mobile marketing campaign is crucial for success, especially if you're a small business. Remember that although your customers love deals and incentives, they will opt out if you come off overly aggressive. Other important things to note are best practices of SMS as well as the laws that regulate text message marketing. For instance, the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) states that you cannot text message for marketing or promotional past 9pm without prior written consent.

What Trumpia can do for your business:

Here at Trumpia, we strive to offer you an easy to use SMS marketing service at an  affordable price. But we don’t want to stop there and leave you stranded. We have a dedicated support team to answer any questions or solve any issues you may have, 7 days a week.

Phone: 1-888-707-3030

Email: Support@Trumpia.com

Send us a line: Contact Us


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