Enhance Facebook Marketing with Multi-Channel Marketing

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Let’s be honest:  More likely than not, you’ve probably already checked your Facebook today. It’s just one of those guilty habits that thousands have developed since the boom of Facebook.

Sure, you might have anything from 200 to 1200 friends of Facebook friends. But how much of them are you actually reaching?

Recent FMC studies show that in terms of business and marketing, your business’s Facebook reaches a whopping 12% of your actual followers. That’s a 4% decrease from last year.

But why?  With the rush of information that your newsfeed blasts at you upon signing in, your audience is more likely to browse over the automated-business sounding posts and onto the fun stuff like party pictures and funny videos.

Don’t get me wrong; 12% is still a pretty impressive number, given the amount of distractions that Facebook holds. But that just underlines the fact businesses need to market through multiple channels, in addition to Facebook.

Make up the remaining 88% of unreached audience members by marketing through their preferred channels: emails, direct SMS messages, or even voice broadcasts and IMs! That way your audience is more likely to get the message. And because you’re only marketing through their preferred channel, you’re less likely to spam them. It’s a win-win for both parties.

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