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13 Ways HR can benefit from Sending SMS Online

Posted by Juebong Khwarg on Jun 30, 2016
HR Sending SMS OnlineCopyright: rawpixel / 123RF Stock Photo

Does texting belong in the office? Employers and human resource pros have discouraged this in the past, warning that employees being able to send inappropriate texts or Sending SMS online could sometimes get the sender in trouble, and potentially open up the company to lawsuits.


But today, texting seems to be more more of a helpful tool for workplaces as much the computer or telephone. Though still considered less formal than voice mail, emails or printed memos, texting is a useful way to summarize points, give or confirm instructions succinctly, and let people shoot quick notes to each other without requiring a formal meeting.


Even more efficient is the ability to send SMS text online which means that people can get these messages anywhere, on their mobile devices or on their desktops or laptops. It’s a handy way to make sure that everyone is kept in the loop and can be great for alerting employees to critical matters, and making sure people feel part of the team.


If you’re seeking ways to Send SMS texts online for your company, try these suggestions:

  1.  Meeting reminders. You may have scheduled something in advance, but a text sent to invitees makes the gathering more prominent in their minds than an email reminder that’s easily ignored or dismissed.

  2. Links to employee newsletters. These products are useful for internal communications but can often consume plenty of paper and ink if you make copies for everyone. Instead, consider putting it online and sending out a mass SMS text online with a link when it publishes.

  3. Updated schedules and requests. In an organization that has constantly changing schedules, texts to the whole team can eliminate confusion from people having different versions of hard copies or making everyone come in to look at the board. It’s also a good way to send updates and make sure everyone has the most current version.

  4. Emergency notifications/weather alerts. People are likely to see and respond to texts in a few minutes, vs. hours or days for emails or voice mails. So if an SMS sender needs to get info to many people in a hurry, the online version is the smartest route. It also can spread the word faster than phone trees, ideal for disaster situations or weather emergencies. The shortness of texting is handy – rather than a lengthy conversation, everyone gets a quick notice to evacuate.”

  5. HR updates. If human resources changes policies, it’s useful to Send a SMS online to the entire staff about this update. If it’s something vital, everyone still may have to sign something acknowledging the change, but at least a SMS online text will provide a head’s up.

  6. Building/facility updates. People working in a building affected by a problem like a security situation would appreciate alerts or instructions, even if it’s simply to stay in a room during a lockdown, or an all-clear when things are resolved.

  7. Employee recognition. Celebrate good news of promotions and other commendations if you prefer to text or Send SMS text online. It’s an easy way to make sure everyone hears the info at once.

  8. Surveys. If you have something you want people to fill out, text them a link. That way they can fill it out on their mobile devices or desks.

  9. Intranet links. If your company is always adding items to its internal site, people may not know to check them out on their own, especially veteran employees who don’t visit regularly. But a text advising about improvements could stimulate visitors.

  10. Daily café menus. Though some people may live for the mystery of not knowing what’s served until they get there, others like to plan ahead. So a daily or weekly text you can subscribe to  can provide info on what’s cooking, and can help you decide whether to go out, eat there or brown-bag it.

  11. Links to HR forms. A busy HR department likes to help but also doesn’t mind when people figure out answers for themselves. So they can send out texts notifying people about available forms, or have people text them wondering about how to access certain ones.

  12. Due date alerts. Deadlines for benefit enrollment periods are critical, and new employees also have even more paperwork to turn in during a certain window. The HR team can send a text to everyone warning about upcoming dates, or to individuals to remind them to comply.

  13. Internal job postings. Even if someone isn’t actively planning to seek another position, they may be open to learning about other opportunities or locations in the same company. A text of openings can be handy for those considering future advancement as well.

For other useful suggestions on using SMS online texts to help your HR department’s communication efforts, download our complimentary HR Communications eBook.


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