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How Real Estate Agents Can Use Mass Text Messages To Generate Leads

Posted by Juebong Khwarg on Jun 03, 2016

Mass Text Messages For Real Estate AgentsCopyright: goodluz / 123RF Stock Photo
In the fast-paced world of real estate, there’s always a sense of urgency.

Some properties may sit for months or years, but more often, there are deals that can be finalized soon after a location hits the market, or worse, different clients and agents bidding hard for the same lot.

Real estate pros are also quick to encourage buyers to move fast -- even though interest rates are still low, you never know when they’ll pop back up, increasing the overall costs or making it more difficulty to qualify for financing.

Better Realtors need to use every tool at their disposal to help clients, from Mass Text Messages to email to simply staking out a location.

The use of smartphones can be especially crucial for home buyers and their agents in this time-sensitive business. A 2014 study from the National Association of Realtors shows that 89 percent of home buyers used a mobile device in their searching, which can include everything from research to quick communicating.

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Mass Text Messages can present useful ways for buyers to get a jump on super deals and for agents to spread the word about their services. If you’re looking for an edge on the competition and better ways to help clients, try these methods.

  1. Include text info on signage. The typical “For Sale” sign includes details about a brokerage, the property and the agent. But they can also include a line like “text for more info” with a number or a short code. Texting can easily connect potential buyers with the seller’s agent, provide more details about the property and be easy to reach.

  2. Collect info at open houses. The traditional method of grabbing an agent’s business card at an open house can be replaced by signing up for text messages. An agent can include a sign-up sheet or a tablet at every location or event they host inviting people to join their SMS subscriber list. This provides them with names and contact info for people who are likely serious about buying, rather than someone simply browsing.

  3. Property listings. If an agent has a certain listing, he or she will try to get the word out about it. Mass Text Messages can alert clients about the property. Even if it’s not quite what someone wants, they’ll at least be familiar with the agent and appreciate the recommendation and perhaps the opportunity to learn about something quickly. They can also send regular Mass Text Messages to all those on a SMS subscription lists about new properties listed with that agent.

  4. Real estate property tours. Rather than clients touring all sorts of different homes around town, some people prefer taking neighborhood tours, where they can check out similar new construction styles and the same age of homes from the same developer. Texting can be of use here. An agent can scout out possibilities and save the clients time from having to visit all of them. Texts can be something like “go one block over for something you may like.” A message about texting options can also be included in the guide for this event. “For more info on any of these properties, sign up for my texts or shoot me a note.” Clients can be sent a text with a link to an online program for the whole event.

  5. Open house announcements. If a home seeker is planning to check out a variety of open houses over a weekend, they may want to find some sort of guide to all of these types of events taking place in a certain area. This map or info guide can include info encouraging people to sign up for texting to learn more about these, such as where and when.

  6. Similar listings. Once an agent begins working with potential buyers and learning what type of home they’re seeking, they can send texts quickly when they spot a possible listing that comes close to hitting the client’s criteria, such as style, design or price. This could be something that catches their eye, a suggestion from a colleague or something that just appears on the market.

  7. Make appointments. Since timing can be crucial in hot real estate markets, people may see something and snatch it up quickly. So this makes being first, or at least early, vital. If a client sees a property and wants to check it out, they can text their agent to try get in ASAP. Likewise, their agent can spot something and send a mass note to several clients seeing if want appointments. Either way, a text can often be seen and responded to faster than an email or voice mail.

Being successful in the real estate world requires using all available tools, which is why Mass Text Messaging can be a smart option. For more information about other mobile communication tools you can use for real estate, download the complimentary Mobile Marketing Success Kit.


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