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3 Ways Mass Text Software Can Make a Job Fair More Interactive

Posted by Sophorn Chhay on May 17, 2016

Mass Text Software For Job FairsCopyright: piksel / 123RF Stock Photo
Any size business can host a successful job fair, which is an effective way to recruit new talent, increase brand awareness, and network with other companies. Update the traditional career fair structure by using mass text software to create a more interactive experience for participating businesses as well as attendees. Check out three ways using mass text software can help make your job fair more interactive.

Mass Text Software Usage: Before the Job Fair

Rely on mass text software during the planning stages of your job fair as a quick, efficient method for communicating with both participants and attendees. Begin by using a mobile keyword for registration. The mobile keyword allows your audience to opt in easily, allowing you to build your contact list. Because most of your target audience is on-the-go, mobile marketing via SMS is a effective way to reach them anywhere, anytime.

Once registered, mass text messaging makes it easy to keep attendees in the loop about all important event details prior to the job fair. Use SMS or MMS to:

  • Send tips for how to prepare for a job fair: "Don't forget your updated résumé."

  • Release a general schedule for the day's events including keynote speaker times.

  • Send targeted SMS to attendees with booth numbers relevant to that individual. For example, "Accounting recruitment at Booth 12" or "Marketing op at Booth 331"

Trumpia offers tools like Smart Targeting that make it easy to target a specific audience, like a group of job fair attendees that are searching for careers in marketing. You can sort your list into separate groups and then pair each message with the best-matched recipient — in this case, anyone searching for a marketing job.

Using Mass Text Software During a Job Fair

A job fair brochure, flyer, or booklet that lists the participating companies, their booth numbers, and event schedule is essential. Supplement that printed material with SMS or MMS and stay connected with your job fair attendees throughout the event via mass text software. Both SMS and picture messaging work quickly to engage your audience as they make their way through the fair's booths.

SMS Keynote Speaker Alert.
With mass text messaging software it's easy to schedule and send an SMS reminder to attendees 10 minutes before the next keynote speaker session begins. This can help your job fair attendees maximize their time and not miss the one speaker they really wanted to see.

Use Text-to-Screen.
Encourage and increase interaction during sessions by utilizing text-to-screen technology. During the Q-and-A with a speaker, text-to-screen allows the attendees to submit their questions using text that then appears on a large screen upfront. This is ideal to facilitate interaction. Many people hesitate to raise a hand and ask a question, but have no problem texting that same question. When in a larger space or auditorium, it's often difficult to hear questions from the back; text-to-screen solves that problem as well.

QR Codes for Booths.
Create a QR Code for each booth. When attendees visit that booth, they can scan the QR Code that will then lead them directly to the company's homepage or online job application.

Real-time Communication.
During your job fair, rely on mass text software for easy real-time communication between your staff and the attendees. With two-way text messaging, your staff can answer important attendee questions quickly and in real-time. This is the perfect way to answer questions regarding basic event information and directions. It also can be used for confirming schedule changes and even handling emergency situations.

After Hosting a Job Fair, Follow-up with Mass Text Software

Follow-up after the job fair is just as important as the communication sent before and during the event. After the last résumé has been collected, business cards exchanged, and QR Codes scanned, SMS allows for quick and easy follow-up to both attendees and participants.

SMS Survey.
Send out a SMS survey that requests feedback using Trumpia's SMS Polls and mobile voting. Sample questions may include but are not limited to:

  • What did you like best: keynote speakers, booth variety, or interactive opportunities?

  • Who would you like to see at the next job fair?

  • Will you return to the next job fair?

  • Would you recommend the job fair to others?

  • Was registration easy?

Future Event Invitations with SMS.
A great way to follow-up after a successful event is to send an SMS thank-you for attending and include an invitation for future events. If you already have your next event scheduled, this is a prime opportunity to let the attendees know what you have planned. Encourage message sharing and even include a call-to-action (CTA) to facilitate early sign-up.

Learn more about Trumpia mass text software at Trumpia.com.

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