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Ways to use MMS Messaging

Posted by Jason Park on Jun 04, 2021

Incorporating Multimedia Messages, or messages that include pictures and videos, can help vary your content while making your campaign exciting and fresh!

According to Smart Insights, 63% of total mobile traffic are videos, and that number is set to grow up to 76% by 2025. That staggering number reveals one thing: consumers love to engage with multimedia content. Not only are images and videos a fun way to diversify your content, but they are holding the attention of your audience far more effectively than just SMS messages. 

If your company is utilizing SMS marketing, you need to try these MMS tactics for your next campaign:

Why MMS?

Before reading up on and building your own strategies in utilizing MMS, here are some of the benefits in using MMS with Trumpia:

  • Supports media options that include images, audio files, video clips, and even certain GIFS on toll-free numbers
  • Increases character limit and file sizes that allow for a brief video or audio clip.
  • Takes low costs that often translate into higher conversion rates and calls to actions.
  • Grows engagement and interest  - in fact, MMS content has a 98% read rate.

Use Cases and Strategies

  • Promotions 
    • Through MMS, you have the ability to send coupons, discounts, and any other sale through videos and images directly to your subscribers. Everyone loves a good deal, especially if your brand and product is popular. Sending MMS messages of these different types of promotions is not only quick and easy, but very effective in generating more sales. 
  • Event Invitations
    • Also use MMS in order to highlight upcoming events. These can include fundraisers, store openings, holiday events or any other special events. Creating a quick online flyer or video can help generate buzz and excitement. Every good marketing strategy is built off of momentum that you can help create through MMS.
  • Product Advertisement
    • Imagine a mouth watering image of a dish from your restaurant being sent to hungry subscribers. If you received a picture like that, it would incentivize you to want to go and purchase a meal from your restaurant. Pictures of food or even your menu can cause easy ordering for people who just need a slight nudge of motivation.
  • Brand Promotion
    • MMS content is also a great opportunity to incorporate your company’s logo in videos or images in order to create powerful visual branding possibilities. There are some logos and icons that are famous currently, immediately signaling to an audience who it is. Nike’s signature swoosh for example is an iconic symbol that everyone wants on their clothing. Creating a powerful brand is one of the best ways to grow your company. 
  • Social Media Promotion
    • MMS media can also help create cross exposure to different types of marketing campaigns you may have currently. Send pictures of latest posts or even pictures and videos of outings that can help boost company morale, or make people want to join your event.
  • Customer Service
    • Finally, one of the most creative ways you can use MMS content is for customer service. The possibilities are endless - have customers send a picture or video of a faulty product in order for you to send a new one to them. Or have insurance firms ask policy holders to send pictures from the scene of an accident for their claim. People want to know that you care for them, and providing these avenues toward customer service will definitely help overall satisfaction.

Questions? We recommend reading more about MMS messaging and all of our features through this link. With so many different use cases, we are excited to help you and your industry for your next marketing campaign. 

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