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Internet Companies are moving towards making their mobile website more user-friendly at an alarming rate in recent years. It used to be enough to have a billboard or to send an email to capture someone’s attention long enough for them to remember your product or service.

However, these methods are becoming more and more out of date, therefore if you want your business to succeed then be sure to discuss
mobile marketing with your Internet marketing firm, because this is the future.

The Growth of Mobile Media Marketing

Very few products in history have become so essential and sold so quickly as smartphones. Cars, televisions, home computers; all of these products took many years to become a vital part of people’s lives, but the rise of smartphones has escalated astronomically in recent years. In fact, there are 813,000 iPhones sold every single day.

The rise of the smartphone has significantly changed the way in which people consume information
, and if businesses do not adapt to this, then they can fall seriously behind their competitors. Making sure that your mobile marketing and its automation is working harmonically together can place you ahead of the competition if your business starts acting on this now.

Increasing Smartphone Usage

Smartphone users check their phone at an alarming rate of 150 times a day, and with so many millions of smartphones in use every day it means that people are always ‘switched on’ and consuming incredibly large amounts of information all of the time. Therefore, by having a mobile-friendly website your business has a greater chance of reaching potential customers all day, every day. That is actually a greater opportunity for businesses like never before. 51% of all digital marketing efforts was spent on mobile website optimization last year, and this is expected to increase to 66% within two years.

Therefore, it is essential to the success of your business to have mobile marketing strategies because the majority of your potential customers are absorbing information via their smartphone.  Using a professional marketing firm with lots of expertise is the best way to reach out to these potential customers and communicate with them. The beauty of mobile website marketing is that your audiences are never too far from their phones.

Mobile Website Marketing Strategy

When thinking about your business’ mobile marketing strategy, it is important to consider the customer journey. While it is of great benefit that you can reach people all day, every day it does mean that you are competing for their time and attention with every other company.

Therefore, your mobile website marketing strategy needs to keep the customer at the forefront of your thoughts at all times. Because you are competing for people’s time, your mobile  strategy needs to grab their attention and your call to action needs to be concise and targeted.  These are three action items you can consider:

  • Your website Design Needs to Be Mobile Responsive

  • The Intellegent Website Software Should Prioritize The Content for The Mobile Audience

  • Automate Your Mobile Website Using SMS and MMS Technology To Captivate Subscribers

Be sure to discuss these things with your
website design company before the project starts. This will inspire them to be thinking mobile first from the start and that is important.

What’s Your Plan?

Thinking mobile marketing is important in the 21st century for business. Do you have questions or concerns? We’d like to hear from you. Let us see your comments below.

The author: Jeremiah Romo @ IMPROZ MARKETING COMPANY.


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