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QR Code: A Virtual Key That Can Unlock Doors to Success

Posted by Trumpia on Jun 01, 2012

The visually cryptic pattern of black blocks that make up a QR code is a magical Pandora’s box for marketers. A simple scan by an app-enabled smartphone can unlock a treasure trove of information, an exclusive coupon, or anything else the creator of the code desires. Big-name companies have already seen the promise of this powerful tool in increasing direct response rates and brand awareness, especially with some creative application.

For example, to promote its Droid line of smartphones, U.S. telecom giant Verizon placed QR codes in a variety of places including print ads, in-store displays, direct mail, and websites. In just over three months, the campaign saw over 150,000 scans. On the other side of the world in South Korea, global supermarket chain Tesco took QR marketing a step further by allowing subway riders to scan various QR codes on displays of virtual grocery shelves to purchase goods to be delivered to their homes. But the biggest PR move so far is best seen from outer space - a huge QR code on the roof of Facebook’s headquarters.

OK, so maybe you don’t have the means to pull off something that spectacular, but there are countless ways to utilize QR codes practically. Here are some select picks from a list of 13 by FastCompany:

  • Create viral buzz through discounts accessible only by scanning your QR code placed in ads or in your store.
  • Pass out business cards with a QR code to direct customers to your Facebook or LinkedIn page for more info about your business or organization.
  • Grow your contact database by connecting your QR code to an online sign-up page, but don’t forget to attach an enticing incentive for signing up.
  • Automatically send a text message in response to a QR scan with information about you or promos.


You can do all of these things and more with Trumpia’s All-In-One Messaging solution! To see how you can use our QR code feature, click here.

Topics: Mobile Marketing

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