Five Ways Realtors Can Use SMS Marketing to bring home the deals

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SMS Marketing for Realtors
Any real estate agent worth his or her salt would have to agree that the business of buying and selling homes – and achieving any level of success – is all focused on building relationships.

While the world of marketing has become increasingly fragmented, some agents and real estate companies still are not sure that social and mobile technologies are a viable way to build those relationships.

But as today’s most experienced agents know, the truth is that in today’s market it’s all about mastering these technologies.

Agents and real estate companies who refuse to realize that social and mobile technologies are integral to gaining the trust of buyers and sellers might find themselves wondering why it is so hard to keep a steady stream of leads and closed transactions flowing.

Clearly, a static flyer with a Realtor’s name on it is no longer adequate for building relationships with people in this increasingly multi-tasked, multi-channel centric society in which we all now live.

In today’s tough real estate market, reaching people in the way they want to be reached can make a big difference when it comes to winning the admiration, respect and business of your prospective customers.


5 ways to increase your Lead Generation using SMS Marketing in Real Estate

Take a multi-channel approach in reaching out to prospective clients
. If you consistently deliver valuable information to your clients using SMS and MMS text, email, voice broadcast and your Facebook fan page to send out different but complementary messages, people will be more receptive to your listings and view you as a trusted home buying resource. The more people see your name and get to know you across the media that is most used today, the better chance you have of developing a relationship with them that will translate into real deals and revenue.

Blend QR Code marketing and SMS text marketing with your traditional programs.
Make it easy for people to access your MLS listings and property details. They can simply scan a QR Code that you include on your flyer or print ad and, using their phone, be taken to your Facebook fan page or your website to navigate to your homes for sale. And, when you print your QR Code or mobile keyword and short code on your signs, you can make each open house an opportunity to grow your mobile marketing database. People then will have a simple way to connect with you, opting-in to receive your future marketing messages by scanning the two-dimensional bar code or texting a keyword like LYNNESHOMES to a short code like 69302.* Handing out your business card will also mean more when people can quickly store your information on their phone – simply by using their phone to scan the QR Code on your card.

Take advantage of mobile apps to boost your credibility with clients.
There are a number of fairly new mobile apps on the market that can aid real estate agents in demonstrating their professionalism and dedication to providing the very best service. According to a recent Realtor Magazine article, Get Smart About Mobile Real Estate Apps, by Michael Antoniak, certain apps like a la mode’s TourNarrator for the iPhone, lets agents create a multimedia recap of a buyer’s tour of a property to help the person recall and narrow their choices. Another app, AgentFeedback, makes it easier to keep the seller in the loop with a system for easily updating them on buyers' real impressions and comments on a listing. The app seems to be great for handling those touchy subjects such as a home’s price, considering its condition.

Leverage Facebook as a way to build your opt-in mobile database.
By leading people to your Facebook fan page when they scan your QR code or text your mobile keyword, you’ll be able to connect with them through several different channels. People who connect with you on Facebook can also sign up to receive your text updates, which can help you create excitement about hot properties as soon as they become available on the market.

Use SMS Text as a way to keep connected with every party involved in the transaction.
SMS text messaging provides a quick and easy way to stay connected with all parties involved in closing a transaction, from your client’s mortgage financing partner to the escrow and title companies. Realtors can keep all the parties – especially their clients – informed about different stages of a transaction, inspiring the greatest level of trust and confidence in your services.

To drive success in today’s real estate market – whether you are specializing in first time home buyers, selling foreclosures to investors or helping a buyer with a short sale, it is absolutely crucial to be in-tune with your potential customer.

Remember, people are used to picking and choosing to which mode of communication they pay attention. That is why using a Multi-Channel Marketing platform like Trumpia, which lets you communicate across every popular messaging channel, can get your message heard. It’s all about conducting an orchestrated campaign. In doing so, you’ll be well equipped to stage your success – even in a tough economy.

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