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4 Reasons Why You may Want to Send MMS over SMS

Posted by Juebong Khwarg on Mar 09, 2016

Reasons to Send MMS Over SMSCopyright: violetkaipa / 123RF Stock Photo
When it comes to sending messages to consumers via mobile, you have two basic options: Short Message Service (SMS) or Multimedia Message Service (MMS). Although both of these messaging options can be useful for brands, MMS messaging offers several advantages over SMS messaging that make it a better option for many purposes. Before you decide whether to send MMS messages to your subscribers, review the information below.

Defining MMS and SMS

Both SMS and MMS are types of messages that may be sent and received via mobile. While SMS messages contain only a limited amount of text, MMS messages can contain an unlimited number of characters, along with pictures and/or video content. These two types of messages are also transmitted differently. SMS centers are transmitted to consumers without the use of the internet. MMS messages, on the other hand, use the internet to reach their intended recipients.

Not all phones are capable of receiving MMS messages. However, consumers with phones that are not MMS-enabled can still view these messages in a web browser.

Advantages of MMS

MMS messages offer a variety of advantages that make them appealing to brands and consumers. Here are four reasons to send MMS instead of SMS messages.

1. No character limitations.

When your brand sends SMS messages, you will be limited to 160 characters. Anything that can't be communicated within 160 characters must be split into multiple messages, which may become confusing or even irritating for consumers. MMS messages, on the other hand, don't impose these limitations. In addition, MMS messages allow you to send pictures and videos in addition to text, which can capture consumers' attention and express the message you hope to convey much more effectively.

2. Shareability.

Because of the use of multiple forms of media, MMS messages are more likely to be entertaining or interesting enough for consumers to pass on to their friends and family. In fact, subscribers are eight times more likely to share MMS content to social networks than they are to share SMS content. The more your content is shared, the more people the message will reach. In some cases, this may even lead to content going "viral," which means that it becomes an internet sensation.

3. Grabs attention instantly.

MMS content grabs consumers' attention and communicates your intended message in an instant. SMS content, on the other hand, requires more time and effort on the part of the consumer. He or she must read the entire text before the message will be clear. If the consumer is in a hurry or simply doesn't feel like reading a lengthy message, he or she may leave it for later and forget about it or delete the text altogether.

4. Video is a huge influencer.

Video content holds great power with the average consumer. In fact, 90 percent of consumers say that they find informational or promotional videos helpful when they are making shopping and/or purchasing decisions. Using MMS messaging to send videos to consumers allows you to steer them toward your products or services. Furthermore, because consumers who receive your messages may share this content with their friends and family members, thus influencing their purchasing decisions as well.

Using MMS Messaging

Incorporating MMS messaging into your mobile marketing plan will help you to capture the attention of consumers, encourage them to share your content with others and influence their purchasing decisions. However, to get the most out of MMS marketing, you need to have a solid strategy in place before you begin. Trumpia provides a SMS and MMS messaging platform that your brand can use to simplify the MMS marketing process. With our software, you will be able to reach consumers instantly with MMS messages, regardless of their location. Our platform also offers two-way texting, automated distribution of mass messaging and many more features that can be customized to meet the needs of your brand.

If you are ready to get started with MMS marketing, please contact Trumpia today to learn more.


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