How Medical Providers can use an SMS Gateway Provider to Build Trust

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If you are a medical provider in today's marketplace, you are well aware of the need for patient trust in your ability to care for them. Therefore, it is helpful that SMS technology can assist you in building a relationship with your patients. While SMS texting is not capable of examining and diagnosing patient ailments, it is a tool that you can use to interact with them. It is often the small services that cement a bonding experience with patients. Here are some ideas of how you can use SMS technology to engage your patients.

Letting Patients Know You are Thinking about Them

SMS texting can give your patients the impression that you haven't forgotten them between appointments. Some of the services texting can provide include:

  • Sending alerts regarding upcoming absences or changes in schedule
  • Sending notifications about new medications or treatments for their ailment
  • Run surveys or loyalty bonuses for patients who never miss an appointment
  • Send out appointment reminders to patients to minimize no-shows
  • Send out personalized messages to groups of patients according to their interest
  • Put SMS marketing campaigns on an automated program to free up your time to do the one-on-one appointments
  • Set up patient refill reminders

SMS marketing has the versatility to be used as a multi-functional tool for creative marketing. With so many people in your client database owning cell phones, SMS is an easy and ideal way to reach out to them. Texts are viewed and opened at a much higher rate than emails, making them the right choice for important messages. Additionally, patients have the ability to reply to them.

What Makes an SMS Gateway Provide a Good Solution for Medical Providers?

How often do you look at your cell phone? According to Pew Research Center, over 80 percent of Americans text, which makes it the most common cell phone activity. Texts can be sent from any cell phone, not just smartphones. Text messages have a 98 percent open rate compared to emails which have a 20 percent open rate. In fact, the majority of cell phone users prefer to get a text instead of a phone call. And as our clientele get younger, they are even more familiar with texting because they have grown up with cell phones.

Texting can be used in a variety of ways to interact and engage with customers. SMS allows customers to not only receive notices from your company, but also to reply to them and get questions answered. Instead of waiting on hold to answer a service call, your client can text with your service staff for a much quicker response. You can offer a question line via SMS texting by having your customers text to a shortcode indicating that is what they are texting about.

For elderly patients, texting a reminder to make an appointment can be very helpful. Text messages can be sent out asking a query of your patients who have similar profiles such as taking the same medications. Using creative marketing, SMS texting can be the solution to many of your communication issues.

Much of your SMS text marketing can be automated. This automation can take a lot of the administrative burden off of yourself and your staff, leaving your time for the important stuff, seeing patients and the like. Texting will free up much of your time making  phone calls and sending reminders.

Lower your administrative costs and increase your profitability by using SMS as an extra tool in your arsenal. Reduce your time doing administrative tasks when you implement SMS as part of your communications. Give SMS text marketing a try. It will be well worth your time.

Contact Trumpia for more information about SMS automation and how it can help you build a trust relationship with your clients.


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