Spending on SMS and Multi-Channel Marketing in Advertising, Marketing and PR Is Growing Faster Compared to Other Industries

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Trumpia recently conducted a study among its customers, revealing that 2011 SMS and multi-channel marketing technology spending in advertising, marketing and PR professionals and companies grew at a faster pace than spending in other industries.

It seems that this group is recognizing the growing importance of adapting to today’s new media channels, considering that consumers are increasingly spending more time on their mobile phones. Mobile Marketing Watch recently cited a study by eMarketer, stating that 10 percent of the average U.S. adult’s day is now spent on mobile.

In addition to advertising, marketing and PR, The Trumpia user study also looked at other industries that topped the list when it came to 2011 spending on SMS marketing and multi-channel marketing. Others that seemed to invest the most included the retail, restaurant, medical, fitness and hospitality industries.

Businesses in these industries are making it a top priority to orchestrate campaigns across digital media channels, including SMS text, email, IM, voice broadcast and social media messaging.

In a recent press release, citing the Trumpia study, CEO and co-founder of Trumpia, Ken Rhie, said, “SMS and other new media channels are transforming the advertising, marketing and PR industries and becoming requirements for smart marketers who are interested in staying competitive. It’s not surprising that more and more businesses are increasingly realizing the impact of these technologies when it comes to achieving greater engagement and higher response rates -- all at a very attractive price.”

Multi-channel marketing has also been touted as an absolute must for companies who hope to be leaders in the new economy, according to research from global management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company.

By leveraging cross-channel promotions, marketers are able to reach 100 percent of their customers, giving them access to information via the channel that they prefer. So what is the take-a-way? With the growing number of consumers that seem to be glued to their mobile phones, it only makes sense to incorporate SMS and MMS messaging into your overall marketing strategy while, at the same time, being careful not to favor just one media channel.

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