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How Text Messaging Can Be Used for Sports Teams and Venues

Posted by Justin McIntire on Jun 04, 2021

Learn how sports teams and stadiums can use texting by checking out our latest blog!

Learn how sports teams and stadiums can use texting by checking out our latest blog!


With Spring and Summer approaching, more and more sports fans are buying tickets and planning trips in order to see their favorite teams play. Since text messaging has taken over as the most used form of communication on the planet, more and more sports teams and venues are running SMS campaigns to reach their fans. Here are a few of the most effective uses for text messaging for sports teams and stadiums:


Use Mobile Keywords To Get Signups

Mobile keywords are a great way to get fans involved in the fun. Whether it’s at the concession stand or on your jumbotron, sports arenas can display mobile keywords anywhere and get hundreds of thousands of signups. Once you’ve built out this contact list, you can send out fun and engaging text messages like discounts on future events or concessions coupons in order to sell more food and drinks.


Take Maintenance Reports

Sometimes a bathroom stall overflows or a window breaks. With landline texting, you can make it easy for staff and fans to text in any issues in the venue and dispatch your maintenance team to remedy them in short order. This is also helpful for internal communication, as your staff can text and schedule maintenance during cleanup and management can audit text messages to make sure things are taken care of in a timely fashion.


Two-way Texting for Fan Interactions

Two-way texting lets you talk to fans and learn more about them and answer any questions they have. If a season ticket holder has questions about how to pay for the next year they can easily text your staff and get the information they need. Or if a fan wants to inquire about proposing to their loved one during a game, your staff can easily communicate with them and arrange things so it goes off without a hitch.


Streamline Event Communication with Staff

If you work in a big stadium or venue, you can have hundreds of employees working at the same time. Text messages are perfect for communicating with staff and making sure that they see your messages, as email is proven to take too long to get seen but most text messages are read in about 3 minutes of delivery. One Trumpia customer, the US Open Umpire Office, used text messaging to make sure their referees were in the right place and on time to make sure the  US Tennis Championship ran smoothly.


Increase Revenue with Automated Texting

If you choose an advanced text messaging provider like Trumpia, you can automate a lot of your messaging in order to save your staff from busy work. This includes things like sending Season Ticket holders a link to purchase their tickets for next year as well as reminders about upcoming events like meet and greets. 


Allow MVP and Other Voting With SMS

Fans of Formula 1 Racing know that fans love voting on the Driver of the Day. Fan voting can expand to other areas as well, and you can do some fun polls in order to get more engagement. Whether it’s the MVP of the game or voting for the best play, you can run text-to-vote campaigns and reward fans with things like chances to meet the competitors or ticket discounts. 


Use Text to Screen To Shoutout Special Fans

While not every text service has this functionality, if you choose a service like Trumpia then you can enable text to screen messaging. This lets you ask fans for messages they would like displayed on the jumbotron. You can then check the messages to make sure they are appropriate and then display them for everyone to see. You can even run fun events like displaying messages and having fans vote on the funniest, with the winner getting a prize like a free ticket or a chance to meet their favorite player.



Are you looking to implement texting into your team or stadium? Click here to talk to a Trumpia expert today!.

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