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Today, text blasting services are a franchise communication necessity. Modern business is booming, but consistent brand message requires ironclad communication both inside and outside the house.

If your business is focusing on self-promotion, or if it’s intent on boosting customer retention with digital offers, it’ll need to align its communicative strategies to succeed. Text message blasts aren’t new, but they’ve experienced a new angle. Today, businesses are offering custom-crafted deals and services, straight from an automated SMS provider.

Manage Region-Specific Promotions

5.1 of the world’s 6.8 billion people own mobile phones. Understandably, a lot of users leads to a lot of confusion. The market is huge, and it’s only growing. To keep up its segmentation “hygiene,” businesses need to target individual smartphone users. They need to promote on a region-to-region basis.

In doing so, a franchise’s SMS blasts can collect data on local consumers, dish out hot deals based on culture and divide and conquer across all fronts. Region-specific promotions are growing because location-based services are growing. Together, they’re becoming a cornerstone of modern mobile marketing.

Who Gets What: Managing Employee Offers

Text blasting services don’t only benefit customers. In fact, companies implementing SMS marketing techniques are predicted to boost revenues by a 40-percent growth rate by 2017. Why? Because companies can manage SMS blasts on an employee level. Sales associates, too, are greeted with a company’s SMS blasts, aligning great offers with their customers.

When employees get to create, send and redeem coupons, the overarching franchise benefits from buyer-to-seller connectivity. SMS blasts put the employee in the customer’s shoes, directing an entire strategy’s movement from the ground up.

Centralized Campaign and Promotion Reporting

We can’t say it enough: SMS blasts centralize users. This means your franchise can reap twice the ROI rewards, campaign-wise. Businesses need to realize SMS marketing’s data-collecting power. To benefit the customer, you need to understand the customer. SMS blasts gather, segment and analyze data, gifting a franchise with in-depth consumer information. Your SMS blast, when implemented and examined closely, can compare different campaigns and promotions. It’s an intuitive market outlook tool.

Consistent Brand Image with Powerful Messaging Templates

In the past, run-of-the-mill texts and coupon blasts were boring. At times, they were annoying. Today, automated SMS providers take great care in customizing each and every segmented SMS send-out. Coupon and messaging templates, in 2016, are expertly crafted to offer customized communication while retaining a brand’s overall image.

The result is a customer-centric benefits program capable of increasing a brand’s goodwill. Marketing gurus are getting a leg-up from automated SMS providers, and they’re hitting their industry’s “sweet spot” between flexible formatting and stable brand image.

Real-Time Rollout Alerts

Real-time alerts work. In 2015, 389 billion texts were sent. In the United States, wireless penetration is greater than 104 percent. Much of the customer’s text response comes from real-time prompting. Real-time alerts are pushing buyers to action, and they’re good at it, too.

Companies are using SMS alerts to partner promotions, too. Restaurants, travel agencies and even retail outlets are blasting consumers with favorite-deal updates, new product alerts and real-time in-store offers. By keeping consumers on the same page, a franchise can alleviate the time-lag between information retrieval and checkout. Each auto-timed message is customized to the buyer’s behavior, too, so consumers are never left in the dark about their house-favorite options.

Private Branding Behind the Mobile Wall

SMS blasts follow an impactful, yet flexible, UI scheme. Your franchise can craft, send and brand every text, ensuring it stands apart from daily inbox clutter. Modern brands are actually preferring text blasts for this reason. Private branding in the SMS world’s “white noise” is incredibly impactful. Your logo sticks out, and it’ll attract repeat visitors.

Text blasting services have received a makeover, and they’re quickly becoming the mobile marketing world’s bread-and-butter tool. Few businesses will survive without it by 2020, and modern franchise decision makers can gain ground now. Your provider is always ready to jumpstart your SMS blasting service, and they’re always able to align the platform’s decision-making processes. Mobile marketing is a team effort, after all. Take advantage of your mobile platform’s power today, and keep an eye on the industry with the power-packed approach guaranteed to impact consumers.


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