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The Art of a Text Message Autoresponder

Posted by Nicholas You on Mar 22, 2016

How to Use a Text Message AutoresponderCopyright: gonin / 123RF Stock Photo
Text message marketing has become a prioritized avenue for experienced business providers. A simple text message autoresponder effectively neutralizes the labor required to execute large-scale marketing plans. Now, marketers needn’t do the legwork. Instead, they can direct energy into market segmentation, driving consumer’s on a one-to-one basis.

Automated SMS services are incredibly effective, serving as product, support and even discount option vehicles. Today, nearly 50 percent of United States consumers make purchases after receiving a branded QR code, discount coupon or text. Text message autoresponders are works of art—and marketers can use them as such.

What is a Text Message Autoresponder?

Text message autoresponders deliver automated SMS responses as soon as a customer takes action. Purchases, redemptions, code inputs, coupon downloads, link clicks and even email accesses trigger autoresponders, creating a fully responsive, dynamic communication environment.

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On Keywords

Organic text message marketing is user-specific. Frequently, a text message autoresponder is powered by keywords. Depending upon the keyword sent to text recipients, your SMS service can designate specific auto-responses. That’s right: Multiple keywords can be sent, used and reused. Autoresponder services guarantee total support for multiple consumer segments, driving discussion, sales and retention through pre-planned strategies.

Each segmented distribution list adheres to different responses, giving you—the marketer—an opportunity to customize each campaign. Relevant messages ensure more conversations, engagement and sales.

The Pain Points

Modern mobile marketing, while incredibly intuitive, still suffers from the weights of mass audiences, long response times and overwhelming consumer bases. The advent of text message autoresponders was a much-needed cure to a long-term problem.

The Email Problem

Your brand’s messages aren’t being heard over email. Currently, mobile emails experience a 22-percent open rate. SMS messages, meanwhile, benefit from an astounding 98-percent open rate. The average smartphone user takes 90 minutes to respond to a received email message. They spend 90 seconds to respond to a branded SMS.

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The Forgetfulness Problem

Consumers forget company messages. Fortunately, they’re not forgetting company texts. The “always connected” consumer prioritizes the smartphone for Internet search. In fact, 80 percent of consumers use mobile devices for exclusive Internet search. Text message autoresponders similarly “pick up the slack” with buyers, prolonging buyer-to-seller interaction.

The Time Problem

Big numbers need big responses. Today’s world has spawned endless connectivity. Marketers can’t be everywhere at once, and they can’t generate one-size-fits all solutions anymore. Time and response logistics are hurting the mobile marketing world, and automated text platforms, soon, will become a highly valued remedy.

Innovative Benefits for the Innovated Marketer

Text message autoresponders offer in-depth options. Really, they’re entire marketing packages. Invite your consumers to talk via text, or create custom-presented offers with keyword-based triggers. With an SMS autoresponder, you can set up welcome messages, calls-to-action and brand alerts. Or, streamline your communication services with upcoming clients.

Get Real with Real-Time Services

Text message autoresponders deliver real-time solutions, redefining typical message blasts. Gone is the era of “spam texting.” Text messaging’s superiority to email rests in its ability to be dynamic. Now, you can get in front of your customer, get their attention and get their responses.

Real-time responses open the doors to drip campaigns, too. Schedule an entire series of texts, and tailor each to previous responses. Or, schedule your responses ahead of time to automate basic tasks. Pro marketers premeditate ongoing campaigns. They have responses drafted from the get-go. When you’re able to respond to the masses on an individual basis, no buyer is left behind.

The Future of Autoresponders and Drip Campaigns

Mobile marketing drip campaigns drive platforms to a new level. Your SMS autoresponder can drive in-store purchases, incentivize sign-ups and expertly offer discounts, mobile coupons and ongoing loyalty programs. Your services can be redefined by a follow-up text scheme, promoting products and services with rich media. MMS marketing, too, is highly enriched by automatic responses. When combined with predefined intervals, MMS offshoots become viral, assisting consumers to desktop, email and even social media channels.

Activated triggers transform static SMS communication into a time-driven, behavior-driven and event-driven forum. Give customers the information they need, and deliver it when it’s needed. Nurture your leads within your drip campaign, and garner results from a powerful message series.

The Connected Consumer World

Automatic text services deliver updates effectively. They’re fantastic news, alert, update and promotion vehicles. Reignite your mobile marketing strategy, and target your organization’s audiences effectively. Text message autoresponders make marketing outreach easy, creating fertile environments for ROI growth. Once you’ve set up your autoresponder account, defined your audience and pre-determined SMS content, you’re mobile marketing platform will become a high-powered, intuitive machine. Promote your business today, and step aboard the business climate’s newest platform.


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