5 Reasons You Need a Text Messaging Software to Connect with Customers

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You’ve probably heard that mobile technology is here to stay and mobile marketing is something you should be seriously considering. These are the devices that we carry with us every day, everywhere we go. We are going online with them, connecting with our families and friends, and making decisions about our purchases. This is an open door for your business. Text messaging software allows you to fully utilize this technology and connect with your customers.

The online mobile marketing magazine, Mobile Marketing Engine, published some pretty incredible statistics that make a strong case for including text messaging as part of your marketing strategy. We’ve long passed the tipping point. No longer can you ignore this powerful tool to strengthen your brand, engage your customers, and drive sales.  You can’t afford to not use text messaging as part of your marketing campaign.

More people use their smartphone to go online than they do a PC.

This mind blowing statistic should be reason enough to connect with your customers via text messaging. Experts thought it would happen in 2015, but in early 2014 mobile devices began to edge out PC use. That has steadily increased through 2014 and 2015 – it is expected to continue this upward trend. As your customers continue to gravitate more and more toward mobile your marketing needs to be able to keep up. Since you are meeting your customers where they are, they are more likely to stick with you. Plus, mobile makes it easy to move from texts to social media to mobile app.

98 percent of text messages are opened compared to 22 percent of emails.

We know that mobile is steadily gaining in popularity. All you have to do is look around you. Just about everywhere you go, people are on their phones. Texting is personal, convenient, fast, and immediate. A person can access a text message without having to go to a website or open a separate app. It is right there and it is easier to access than email. This is not to say that you need to do away with email altogether, but you do need to incorporate SMS into your marketing strategy. In fact, text messaging and email can work quite well together.

90 percent of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them.

Surely you’ve seen it; you may have even done it. A text message comes in and it is like an irresistible beacon – you can’t help but check it. This stat alone should make you want to get a text messaging software to connect with your customers. It is so immediate and a great way to connect your customers, engaging them with your brand. Make sure you are sending them messages that are relevant and valuable to them. Send them links to content they can use, host exclusive events, and send them great offers – because the odds are very good that they will open the message in 3 minutes or less.

Mobile based offers are redeemed 10 times more often than print offers.

Sure, people have long enjoyed using print coupons and offers; and marketers have made out quite well using these offers. However recent research shows just how much mobile devices are taking hold. According to the article, mobile based offers, received via text or mobile app, are redeemed 10 times more often than print offers are redeemed. It’s pretty simply, include great offers or links to offers in your text messages and watch the sales roll in. Include a link to an offer on your website or give them a code they can present at the register.

90 percent of customers who are members of a mobile loyalty program have found them beneficial.

SMS messaging is a great way to add a mobile loyalty program to your marketing strategy. You can connect with customers in a very personal way and deliver relevant, valuable rewards to them. Take some time to get to know your customers by identifying your target market and gaining an understanding of them. Find out what makes the tick, what they enjoy, what they dream, what keeps them up at night, then market your business to them to answer those things. You can do this through your mobile rewards program.

As you can see, text messaging connects your customers to you. It is a powerful tool to strengthen your brand and engage your customers. As you begin your text message marketing efforts make sure that your business is prepared for mobile customers. You need to have a mobile friendly version of your site or, better yet, a responsive web design so that your site can be viewed on any mobile device. Then you need to plan your strategy and execute it.


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